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Tag: civil society

On the ‘civil society engagement’ on IPCMC bill

CAGED’s biggest criticism of the 'engagement' is that it was not discussion of a Green Paper.

IPCMC bill weak, needs more consultation, NGO says

CAGED says the functions of the commission have been watered down from the original bill drafted in 2005.

Penang groups demanding accountability should also be accountable

Many people have become casualties of callous remarks by NGOs in Penang.

End racism, hate speech, civil society group tells PM

Lawyers, human rights activists and former civil servants say in their new year message to Dr Mahathir Mohamad that they are willing to serve in any capacity to assist in nation-building.

Rethinking the role of civil society in the New Malaysia

Patience, a change in narrative and a virtual shadow Cabinet are the keys for civil society to play a pivotal role.

NGO leader faces defamation suit over article critical of water situation...

Isham Jalil says he will contest the lawsuit filed by SYABAS over the article published before GE14.

Perak sultan: Every citizen must participate in strengthening rule of law

Voters must understand that their responsibility to democracy and the rule of law does not end at the ballot box, says Sultan Nazrin Shah.

Tunku Zain: Civil society members should stay clear of govt posts

Remain neutral, otherwise we will lose a valuable force for checks and balances in society, says Tunku Zain Al-Abidin.

Sarawak NGOs warn PH against accepting BN parties

The grouping of 11 bodies says civil society’s struggle against Barisan Nasional’s ‘oppressive’ policies would be brought to nought.

‘Bar needs public support to defend civil liberty’

Ex-UN special rapporteur Param Cumaraswamy says support should also come from the press and civil society.

PH told to make good on demands to strengthen democracy

The good governance list from civil society leaders is topped by public access to information and the declaration of assets by politicians before taking office.

Groups concerned over Jakim’s ‘gender identity’ test

14 NGOs and civil society groups want Jakim to make public what is involved in the gender test and all related processes.

Act against RPK for sexist, racist remarks, police urged

The UK-based blogger is alleged to have insinuated that Malaysian Indian women who voice their grievances in the country are prostitutes.

G25: The word ‘liberal’ has place of pride in Rukun Negara

The word appears positively in the preamble to the Rukun Negara, but is now used to demonise those with different opinions.

Get more groups into PH to topple BN, says Khairuddin

He says there must be coordinated efforts at the grassroots level as GE14 could be held anytime soon.

Govt sets up team to monitor those seeking to overthrow it

Zahid Hamidi says the taskforce, consisting of the police, MACC, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Attorney-General’s Chambers will also check on civil society movements receiving overseas funds.

Wan Saiful: Set up unit to regulate NGO funding

Think-tank head calls for a Charities Commission to be set up together with efforts to control political funding.

Why aren’t civic groups defending Soros?

If no wrong has been committed, there's no reason for anyone to be afraid, as even the PM had acknowledged receiving foreign funds.