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Tag: civil war

Half of South Sudanese hungry as famine looms again

South Sudan had already experienced famine last year.

Colombia war tribunals hope to heal wounds, punish atrocities

A number of war tribunals and truth commissions, to investigate atrocities including massacres and disappearances, are expected to begin in September.

US to impose arms embargo on South Sudan to end conflict

The embargo was caused by repeated violations of ceasefires in South Sudan's civil war.

ICRC hopes to resume medical evacuations in Syria’s Ghouta

There are over 500 people in the area who are in need of evacuations.

Sri Lanka trip a test case on human rights for PM,...

Even if PM Najib Razak does not address the human rights violations against Tamils during the Sri Lankan civil war, MIC president Subramaniam or former MIC president Samy Vellu should.

UN: More than 8 million Yemenis ‘a step away from famine’

The conflict has killed more than 10,000 people, displaced more than 2 million and triggered a cholera epidemic that has infected about 1 million people.

Assad negotiators expected at Syria peace talks

The Syrian government negotiators refuse to accept any talk about the ousting of President Bashar al-Assad.

From Aleppo’s ruins, Syrians deliver rubble and show film in British...

A group of Syrian campaigners will deliver some rubble and screen a war film in the UK's parliament to convince them to help end the Syrian civil war.

As Mladić awaits verdict, Bosnians still search for loved ones

With the trial of Serb general Ratko Mladić to be taking place soon, many Bosnians who suffered at his hands during the Bosnian civil war recall their experiences from those dark days.

RPK instigating violence and hatred, says Patriots Association

Veterans group says blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has used historical events out of context to make 'disjointed' arguments.

Salleh calls for Malaysians to ‘avoid corruption, disunity’

On occasion of Maal Hijrah, Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says graft, disunity have led to civil wars and collapse of Islamic empire.

Sri Lanka’s men face rape a decade after civil war: Study

The vast majority of documented cases of male rape both during and after the war were against Tamils, US-based All Survivors Project said in its report.

Ridiculous censorship law, says activist after paying RM10,000 fine

Human rights activist Lena Hendry says government should let people deem what is right or wrong for themselves when watching a movie.

Why no anger at India for protecting Rajapaksa?

Even today India is said to be piling up all kinds of obstacles and providing protection to prevent Sri Lanka's former president from being dragged to the international court.

Group protests Rajapaksa’s presence in M’sia

Indian leaders shout and burn effigy of former Sri Lankan leader outside PWTC.