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UK aviation watchdog prepares for possible Thomas Cook collapse

The CAA is making contingency plans for the possibility of having to repatriate ‘hundreds of thousands’ of passengers stranded abroad.

Only civil suit is over in Beng Hock case, not criminal...

It says only the AG can proceed to take action against those criminally responsible for the political aide's death.

Bar is against whipping of offenders under shariah and civil laws

Caning is a cruel and degrading form of punishment that strips an individual of dignity and self-respect, says George Varughese.

Lawyers: Speaker wrong to stop debate on Najib’s court case

The speaker’s ruling restricts MPs right to free speech and a media gag order on the ex-prime minister's case cannot be extended to the legislature, they argue.

Report all acts of sabotage, civil servants told

Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa says he will address the matter personally.

Court of Appeal judge to hear Najib’s case?

There have been precedents where Federal Court judges have sat in the High Court to hear high-profile cases, says a source.

Najib may face money laundering, misappropriation charges

Sources say public prosecutor likely to charge former PM Najib Razak with money laundering and misappropriation of property over the 1MDB scandal.

Najib a gentleman, unlike Mahathir, says Salleh

Minister says Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been using insulting and slanderous language against Najib Razak, who in turn has taken a 'gentleman's approach' to the matter.

Stop cyberbullying over differing views, says Selangor DAP Wanita

It urges Malaysians to engage in constructive debate on public interest issues and not descend to making offensive comments, apparently referring to attacks against #UndiRosak campaigner Maryam Lee.

Obesity: New health policies crucial for our wellbeing

The fact that Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia proves that many people are incapable of controlling their food intake and this warrants government intervention.

Budget 2018: It’s all about the upcoming election

Analysts expect Najib to strike a populist tone by tackling issues such as rising cost of living, unaffordable house prices to shore up support.

Send representatives to US over 1MDB action, Gobind tells AG

Gobind Singh says Malaysian representatives must participate in the US’ criminal probe into assets bought using money allegedly embezzled from 1MDB.

PAS urges govt to join in US probe into 1MDB

The government should take responsibility as 1MDB is now wholly owned by Minister of Finance Inc, says PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan.

Associate Prof: Use tribunal to resolve custody wrangles

Azam Mohamed Adil says mediation can reduce polemics detrimental to interests of children involved in tussle between Muslim and non-Muslim parents.

Zahid: Give right to Muslims to determine what they want

Deputy prime minister says non-Muslims will not be ignored but they have to respect the rights of Muslims.

PAS wrong, hudud will affect non-Muslims, says MCA

Kelantan MCA leader says summons to outlet run by non-Muslims in Kota Baru mall proves Islamist party will take action against non-Muslims under shariah law.

Police must act on ‘colossal robbery’, says Ramasamy

DAP's P Ramasamy says it is unimaginable that police cannot take action against those committing financial atrocities in Malaysia when the authorities abroad can.

Lawyers differ on how to resolve inter-religious disputes

Muslim Lawyers Association president feels special tribunal is the way to go, while Ramkarpal Singh feels a constitutional amendment is better.