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5 quick-cleaning hacks to zap your home back into shape

If you work smart, household chores can be rather gratifying and leave your home looking spotless and smelling great in no time.

Honda Accord hybrid production in Thailand, not Malaysia

Honda Motor Japan is making the move to take advantage of Thailand's tax incentives for manufacturing greener cars.

Company didn’t fulfil contract to clean court complex, says minister

VK Liew says there is a fundamental breach of the contract and if need be, it must be terminated.

Cleaning products tied to faster lung function decline in women

According to a recent study, constant exposure to cleaning products is almost as taxing on one's lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Get moving! Six ways to work some exercise into your day

Here are a few good habits to get into on a daily basis to help you get moving -- without hitting the gym.

Halal egg issue has gone overboard, says Jakim

It says Malaysian Halal Certificate is issued to chicken eggs to avoid dubious elements in its cleaning and packaging process.