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7 most infuriating clients for lawyers to represent

While a prestigious job, lawyers do not have it easy, especially with difficult clients.

How to charge clients: 5 methods freelancers use

This guide is mostly for freelancers who sell services like writing, designing, consulting, etc, and not products.

UBS offered cars, bonuses to French bankers who lured clients

UBS is also suspected of helping clients launder undeclared money, an allegation that can lead to fines of as much as half the amount of the funds stashed offshore.

How to get clients: A guide for freelancers

Whether it is by word-of-mouth, SEO or using social media platforms, there are effective ways these days to get clients when you're self-employed.

10 things about self-employment you need to know

Although the first few months can get depressing as you may not see earnings, don't doubt your abilities. Instead soldier on, as things will definitely look up.

UBS bucks trend by keeping US$2 million threshold for rich clients

Other wealth managers have raised their thresholds in recent years.

Thai tourism body says it opposes ‘sex tourism’

Thailand's tourism body has said in a statement that it "strongly opposes any form of sex tourism" as it hopes to welcome a record number of holiday-makers this year.

Security services need facelift, says industry captain

He says clients have lost confidence in the ability of security companies to deliver.