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Tag: climate change

Climate-change protesters disrupt London rush hour

Angry commuters drag protesters off top of train and attack them on platform.

Climate change study says Swiss glaciers shrink 10% in 5 years

Findings also reveal melt rates this year have reached ‘record levels’.

Climate change activists vow ‘day of disruption’ at London’s Bank junction

Extinction Rebellion target financial district to protest starvation and social collapse.

Climate change can be ‘perfect storm’ for conflicts, warns UN human...

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet says climate change can drive people to become extremists and to seek their own solutions.

Prepare for climate change, not war, says Dr M

The prime minister urges the world community to 'bring back the environment we had been used to'.

‘What Greta said’ inspires largest climate strike in NZ

Kids in school uniform among more than 40,000 packed into grounds of parliament buildings.

Greta Thunberg: ‘Miracle’ climate saviour or puppet?

Teen has spurred millions of youths to protest against climate change, driving her detractors crazy.

Greta Thunberg repeats ‘how dare you’ at UN Summit

World leaders fail to announce concrete plans on climate change.

Climate activists block traffic in Washington

Police say they are equipped to handle demonstration of any size.

Go big in solar panel exports, Jomo urges Malaysian firms

Putrajaya should find ways to stimulate the private sector to take advantage of the drive towards renewable energy, says the economist.

We’re losing race on climate catastrophe, warns UN chief

Antonio Guterres to urge world leaders to raise commitments set under Paris agreement.

Battery-powered boats are the next frontier

A German boat engine manufacturer offers an eco-friendly alternative in Monaco as the world’s waterways are dominated by ships that belch plumes of diesel exhaust and heavy fuel oil.

Singapore mulls bonds, reserves for US$72 bil climate fight

The climate change push was a key prong of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally address.

Islam and Confucianism, where the twain meet

Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak speaks on the potential benefits that a dialogue between Islam and Confucianism can offer to a volatile world.

Dutch families join ‘people’s farm’ to counter climate change

The farm is owned and run by a cooperative of hundreds of local consumers and aims to change habits in a low-lying country engaged in an existential fight against climate change.

Singapore to boost coastal defences against rising sea levels

PM Lee says Singapore is already feeling the impact of climate change, hence the importance of building defences against rising sea levels.

Endangered by climate change, Pacific island nations rebuke Australia

17 small Pacific island nations are angry at Australia after it hindered proposed tough policies to combat climate change, including an immediate halt to coal mining.

Heatwaves kill coral reefs faster than you think

A new study finds that severe marine heatwaves can actually degrade the skeletal structure of corals, potentially killing the organisms in a matter of days or weeks.

Can we eat Big Macs and still avoid climate chaos?

Climate change is threatening the world's food supply, even as the way we produce food fuels global warming.

Agriculture’s secret weapon: empowering women

Women farmers in Africa work as hard as men in the farms, thus, rights for them as farmers must be upheld.

Nordic countries sizzle as European heatwave moves north

The World Meteorological Organization says forecasts indicated that atmospheric flows would transport the heat from Europe to Greenland 'resulting in high temperatures and consequently enhanced melting'.

French right-wingers to shun Greta Thunberg at parliament

'We do not need gurus of the apocalypse,' says a French conservative.

Empty nets as overfishing and climate change sap Lake Malawi

For both locals and climate experts, declining fish numbers reflect a combination of environmental change and overfishing that augurs ill for the future.

Fusion energy startups see renewables leaving a gap in power market

With greenhouse gases accumulating at record rates in the atmosphere, researchers say new zero-carbon technologies will be needed to avert drastic weather anomalies.