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Climate change seen as top threat, but US power a growing...

Worries about climate change have increased sharply since 2013.

New Zealand wildfire expected to burn for weeks

The fire erupted early last week amid scorching conditions in the heavily forested area.

US House holds hearings on gun violence and climate change

Every day in America, on average, 34 people are murdered with a firearm, and more than 183 people are injured in an attack.

Last 4 years hottest on record, UN confirms

The World Meteorological Organisation is coming to the conclusion that the average global surface temperature in 2018 was 1°C (1.8 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial baseline levels.

US lawmakers urge Pentagon to revise climate change report

The report says 79 domestic military installations at risk from floods, drought, encroaching deserts, wildfires and thawing permafrost.

N.Korea’s push to use more coal clouds environmental future

Lack of reliable data makes it difficult to check the exact amount of damage Kim Jong Un's coal plan might do to the environment and air quality in the country.

Climate change pushing killer whales to migrate north

Reisafjorden has become an area of interest for Norway's killer whale population.

2018 4th hottest year on record, say researchers

Temperatures in 2018 were around 1.16°C above the average temperature of the 2nd half of the 19th century.

UN chief warns ‘we are losing the race’ on climate change

Antonio Guterres called upon the nations' governments to make climate change a priority.

World to miss 2020 climate ‘turning point’: analysis

In 2017, experts identified 6 key milestones that mankind must hit by 2020 if the Paris climate goal of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5°C is to have a fighting chance of being met.

Social media users flip #10yearchallenge to spotlight war, climate change

Users quickly flipped the theme to photos spotlighting global concerns including climate change and the destruction wreaked by war in countries including Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Chilean Patagonia: an open-air lab to study climate change

The chilly Sena Ballena fjord waters provide one of the most productive marine habitats in the world, where sardines and krill can be found in huge numbers.

Nations agree milestone rulebook for Paris climate treaty

Delegates from nearly 200 states finalised a common rule book designed to deliver the Paris goals of limiting global temperature rises to well below two degrees Celsius.

Nations still worlds apart at crunch UN climate summit

Negotiators tell AFP that delegates from nearly 200 states were still far apart on several crunch issues.

The Terminator insists US will help battle climate change

The 71-year-old said the US was committed to act on climate change regardless of President Trump's controversial decision to take the richest country in the world out of the Paris accord.

Climate correction: when scientists get it wrong

The correction prompted some climate deniers to wheel out the conspiracy theory that manmade global warming is made up.

Climate change protests block London bridges

Sit-down demonstrators blocked five bridges over the River Thames in the city centre, including Westminster Bridge next to the Houses of Parliament.

Bitcoin mining could void climate change efforts, say scientists

Producing bitcoin at a pace with growing demand could by 2033 defeat the aim of limiting global warming to 2°C.

UN warns of ‘perfect storm’ of hunger, climate change

Beasley warned institutions leading the fight against hunger not to study the roots of (poor people's) misery and merely respond with impressive publications destined only to enlarge library catalogues.

Prost, ganbei, cheers: Climate change means less beer

Heatwaves and droughts will periodically cause sharp declines in barley yields, a crucial ingredient in most beers.

Wind turbines contribute to climate change

Harvard researchers said that installing solar panels would have an impact of around 10 times smaller than wind turbines for the same energy generation rate.

California to limit use of plastic straws in restaurants

The new law comes amid increased awareness worldwide about the global plastic waste crisis.

Penang’s natural treasure at stake, drop highway projects, says US activist

Renowned US civil rights activist Katherine Egland delivers sharp rebuke over Penang's plan to build more roads, telling authorities to focus on battling climate change instead.

UN begins talks on treaty to protect imperiled high seas

Four sessions of talks are planned to take place over two years, with the goal of protecting marine biodiversity and avoiding further pillaging of the oceans.