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Tag: climate change

100 arrested at London climate protests

The group wants to governments to declare a climate and ecological emergency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025.

From molecules to electrons; can big oil become big power?

The International Energy Agency predicts regulatory changes to curb carbon emissions will mean demand for electricity will grow much faster than that for oil as Asia's power-hungry middle class expands.

Shell to quit US refining lobby over climate disagreement

The review is part of Shell's drive to increase transparency and show investors it is in line with the 2015 Paris climate agreement's goals.

Alaska bakes under heat wave linked to climate change

Local residents say their biggest concern is 'the speed of change and being able to cope'.

Remote Cape with ‘world’s cleanest air’ offers smog respite

Tasmania's beautiful Cape Grim peninsula is an unlikely reference point when it comes to the global standard for clean air.

Students at UN stage ‘die-in’ to protest climate inaction

Dozens of teenage environmental activists lay down in front of the UN headquarters to draw attention to climate change's consequences.

Receding Chilean glacier a sign of accelerating climate change

Scientists say the unusually warm summer temperatures and high rainfall weakened the glacier's walls.

Little time for farmers to deal with rainfall changes from global...

Climatologist Maisa Rojas says time is running short for countries to prepare their agricultural sectors for the drastic effects of climate change.

Don’t let our children try to save the planet alone

Unless we make serious lifestyle changes today, there may not be a tomorrow for our children.

Russia’s Arctic plans add to polar bears’ climate woes

As Russia continues to develop its territories within the Arctic Circle, confrontations between humans and polar bears are likely to increase.

Investor group: Airlines stall in tackling climate change

Delta, Lufthansa, United Airlines and ANA Holdings have been rated the best at managing the business risks and opportunities of climate change.

German students walk out of school in climate change protest

The protest is part of a global movement known as 'School Strike 4 Climate' or 'Fridays For Future.'

Can Qatar’s low-carbon city show a greener Middle East future?

Qataris can now stay cool and comfortable in Msheireb Downtown Doha, a 'green' district that aims to be a sustainable city.

At oil industry’s big summit, uncomfortable truths creep in

As protestors glue their hands to the conference venue doors, the oil industry discusses how to correct its current course.

Temperatures could hit 40°C in some parts of Malaysia, expert warns

Fredolin Tangang says four natural and simultaneous phenomena are responsible for the current dry weather.

Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’, say scientists

Scientists say that humanity cannot afford to ignore evidence as satellite records prove man-made climate change.

Europe’s populist right threatens to erode climate consensus

Researchers find European right-wing parties overtly deny or doubt the existence of man-made global warming.

Unilever and L’Oreal deemed most ready for climate change

Unilever, L’Oreal  and Danone were ranked by Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP as the top 16 largest consumer companies for tackling climate change.

Prepare now for accelerating climate threats, military officials warn

Dutch, Kiwi, US military experts and Iraqi CEO fear the adverse effects of climate change while Trump administration dawdles on the matter.

Human-caused climate change causes first extinction of a mammal

The University of Queensland researchers and the state government concludes that human-induced climate change is 'the root cause of the loss of the Bramble Cay melomys'.

Climate change seen as top threat, but US power a growing...

Worries about climate change have increased sharply since 2013.

New Zealand wildfire expected to burn for weeks

The fire erupted early last week amid scorching conditions in the heavily forested area.

US House holds hearings on gun violence and climate change

Every day in America, on average, 34 people are murdered with a firearm, and more than 183 people are injured in an attack.

Last 4 years hottest on record, UN confirms

The World Meteorological Organisation is coming to the conclusion that the average global surface temperature in 2018 was 1°C (1.8 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial baseline levels.