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Tag: climate change

Fiji PM links climate change to fatal cyclone

Cyclone Josie killed five people in Fiji.

Some US states press ahead on climate change goals, despite Trump

US President Donald Trump has taken an axe to the environmental regulations he inherited from his predecessor Barack Obama, cutting dozens of rules ranging from fracking on public land to protections for endangered species.

UN chief: US on track to meet climate targets despite Trump

The United States is on track to meet the targets of the Paris climate agreement despite President Donald Trump's plan to withdraw from the accord, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday.

World cities go dark as global Earth Hour climate campaign kicks...

Earth Hour is being observed by millions of supporters in 187 countries, who are turning off their lights at 8.30 pm local time in what organisers describe as the world's "largest grassroots movement for climate change".

World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather

The increase in the frequency of extreme weather events is due to the effects of climate change.

New Zealand summer heatwave sets all-time record

New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research said that human-caused climate change was the cause of the heatwave.

Coming decades vital for future sea level rise, study says

The rise in sea level over the next 300 years could be anywhere from 50 centimetres to three metres, depending on greenhouse gas emissions.

Boost padi yields now or prepare for dearer rice, expert warns

Kam Suan Pheng says unpredictable weather conditions will threaten crop cycles and it is time to increase yields for self-sufficiency.

Global warming will expose millions more to floods

Over 100 million people could become at risk of the effects of floods due to global warming.

Global coral bleaching five times greater than 1980s, says study

A severe coral bleaching event can now be expected to occur every six years.

To save climate, stop investing in fossil fuels: economists

A group of leading economists has attempted to persuade world leaders to stop investing in fossil fuels.

Southern Chile iceberg splits from glacier, threatens navigation

A massive iceberg has caused problems for many people in southern Chile by splitting from the Grey glacier.

Former UN climate chief to advise Formula E

Christiana Figueres will take on a leadership role on Formula E's Global Advisory Board.

Does heavy rain equal massive floods?

Writer says floods may not occur on as large a scale if the authorities follow proper procedures and guidelines for development projects.

US southwest sizzles as experts predict record Thanksgiving

Late November temperatures in the southwestern United States are at their highest in decades.

Some lessons from the Penang floods

Think tank says state governments must put in place people and systems to handle extreme weather at the most local level, and that Malaysians are a caring lot who’ll get their feet wet to help others.

Abide by DID’s stormwater manual, developers urged

Institution of Engineers Malaysia says the manual stresses on flood mitigation measures during construction period.

Greenpeace: Malaysia is a battleground we can’t afford to lose

NGO says Malaysia houses more than 20 local environmental groups and has become a strong advocate for the fight against climate change.

Trump cedes climate leadership to China amid howls of protest

The US' withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate has handed China a golden opportunity to burnish its image as a global leader.

Millennials in Australia the unhappiest in the world

Apart from unhappiness at work, among their other concerns were terrorism, crime and climate change.

UN: Climate changing at ‘unprecedented’ rate

The WMO pointed to record 2015 land and sea surface temperatures, unabated sea-level rise, shrinking sea ice and extreme weather events around the world.