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Lorry driver accused of insulting Malays should have been given bail,...

They say bail can be considered under the Criminal Procedure Code since the law under which the man was charged is silent on the matter.

Blogger freed of CMA charge over picture of Najib behind bars

Deputy public prosecutor Goh Ai Rene informs the Sessions Court that the prosecution does not wish to pursue the case against Abdul Muhaimin Mohd Muhayeddin.

Gobind: Higher penalties proposed to regulate communications sector

He says it will enable ministry to increase speed and reduce prices of broadband, enhancing competition.

Malaysiakini editor, CEO cleared of uploading video critical of ex-AG

This after the prosecution withdraws the charges against Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran.

CMA will be amended, assures Gobind

The communications and multimedia minister says some sections of the act are seen as 'very broad' and must be tightened.

Ratu Naga to face trial for insulting Najib

Judge Abdul Karim Abdul Rahman says freedom of speech is not absolute and Parliament can impose restrictions on grounds of public order and morality.

Azalina: Proposed fake news law will complement existing ones

Minister Azalina Othman says there's also a need to update and improve existing laws according to current technology and mass media development.

After Fahmi Reza’s conviction, we are all clowns

We need to end the cycle of silencing freedom of expression because somebody feels bad about how his face was portrayed as a clown's.

Fahmi Reza’s punishment for clown art excessive, say critics

Fellow cartoonist Zunar thinks Fahmi has done nothing wrong, while Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says the conviction is preposterous and the sentence harsh

Court frees Zaid, says prosecution should have called Najib

Cyber Court rules that Najib Razak himself must confirm if he felt offended by Zaid's blog post.

Zaid could be investigated for sedition, says IGP

Inspector-General of Police Fuzi Harun says he can't reveal more details on reports lodged against former minister over a tweet aimed at the Sultan of Selangor.

Cops question Zunar over ‘chicken piggybanks’ with GLC names

Activist Zunar says his cartoon showing 'chicken piggybanks' being broken was reported to police in August.

Drop charges against Malaysiakini, says NGO

Article 19 says the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 is 'vague and sweeping' and in need of 'urgent reform'.

Ratu Naga to face trial for insulting Najib

Sessions Court rejects her move to challenge the constitutionality of a provision in Communications and Multimedia Act and fixes trial from Feb 13.

Zaid fails in bid to refer his case to High Court

The former de facto law minister had applied to determine the constitutionality of a criminal charge.

Man claims trial for ‘death threat’ against IGP

Rosmin Mohamed Noor has been charged with allegedly posting "an offensive and insulting comment against the IGP" on Facebook.

Amnesty accuses govt of misusing CMA

The group says the provisions under the Communications and Multimedia Act are too wide and include unnecessary and disproportionate sentences.

Suaram: Section 233 of CMA violates Federal Constitution

The use of CMA is excessive, ill-justified, and does not meet the necessary threshold for state sanction.