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Tag: CO2

Australia branded a leading ’emissions exporter’

Australia's refusal to ease coal exports has prompted a rift with low-lying Pacific island neighbours whose countries are threatened by rising sea levels.

Iceland turns carbon dioxide to rock for cleaner air

Iceland's volcanoes spew out between one and two million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

VW Group responsible for over 2% of global emissions

Volkswagen must now reduce its emissions to avoid fines from the EU from 2020, which is set at €95 per gram above 95 g CO2/km, per car.

CO2 shortage puts beer supplies in danger until September

The gas, which gives soda its fizz and is used to package food, and even stun pigs before slaughter, is in short supply due to a high number of closures at ammonia plants that produce CO2.

China carbon emissions in retreat after ‘structural break’ in economy, study...

Structural economic changes have allowed China to meet emission targets earlier than expected.

Sweltering Europe loses its fizz as CO2 shortage hits drinkers

Europe is currently experiencing a shortage of industrial carbon dioxide.

UN shipping agency under pressure to tackle growing CO2 emissions

Shipping currently accounts for 2.2% of world CO2 emissions.

Profits, doubts in equal measure at Geneva Motor Show

Behind the glamour there is the overriding concern of increasing slide in diesel sales.