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12 tonnes of cocaine seized, hidden among coal

The cocaine was found in 60 sacks mixed with coal in three containers at Butterworth port last week.

Australia branded a leading ’emissions exporter’

Australia's refusal to ease coal exports has prompted a rift with low-lying Pacific island neighbours whose countries are threatened by rising sea levels.

Australia drops charges against French journalists

The arrests had fuelled concerns about press freedom in Australia after a spate of police raids targeting reporters.

Australia detains French TV crew filming anti-coal protest

Adani, the owner of the coal port, says it was aware of the protest but has no comment on the arrests.

India mulls splitting world’s top coal miner to boost output

The development is reportedly in an early stage and it is unclear how long it may take.

Markets drive Germany’s exit from coal much harder than the Chancellor

Cheap natural gas, the rising cost of permits to emit carbon dioxide and high renewable energy output have put utilities off burning the fossil fuel so far this year.

Ex-CM: Is Putrajaya eyeing coal-rich Maliau Basin?

Yong Teck Lee says other mega projects have been continued or revived but the RM4 billion Trans Sabah Gas Pipeline was scrapped.

China’s green light on coal power won’t trigger new plant boom

Analysts say that there is no incentive for Chinese companies to build coal plants amid a green energy drive.

China’s far from done with coal as regulator eases new plant...

Shares of China coal industry players jump as the government allows 11 provinces and regions to resume building plants.

Drop in coal, gas prices won’t affect electricity tariffs

TNB chairman Leo Moggie says the current coal and gas prices are higher than the base prices set during last revision in 2018.

2018 spike in energy demand spells climate trouble

Global coal consumption in 2018 rose only in Asia, especially China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

China-Australia tensions rise as coal ban reported

China is historically known for using trade to help accomplish foreign policy goals, having targeted South Korea, Japan and the Philippines in the past.

N.Korea’s push to use more coal clouds environmental future

Lack of reliable data makes it difficult to check the exact amount of damage Kim Jong Un's coal plan might do to the environment and air quality in the country.

Comission: Germany should fully phase out coal by 2038

The commission's plans are at the centre of Germany's strategy to shift to renewables, which accounted for more than 40% of the energy mix last year, beating coal for the first time.

Loophole lets Norway’s US$1 trillion fund boost its coal exposure

Despite a 2015 ban, Norway’s massive sovereign wealth fund has increased its exposure to coal reserves.

India races against the clock to rescue ‘rat-hole’ miners

Mining was banned in the mineral-rich state by a federal court in 2014.

Germany to shutter last black coal mine

The 150-year-old deep-shaft colliery, whose galleries were dug by six generations of miners, will be sealed for good.

Sabah to study impact of using coal as energy source

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew says the study will look into the impact on the environment and tourism sector.

TNB to boost renewable energy to fight escalating electricity cost

By 2030, the government hopes to increase renewable energy usage in the electricity industry from 2% to 20%.

Sabah can expect more stable power supply within 2 years

Federal minister Yeo Bee Yin says the federal government will be carrying out several projects to repair the damaged power lines.

Sabah Umno flays state govt for considering opening up Maliau Basin

Sabah Umno liaison committee chairman Hajiji Mohd Noor says state government’s willingness to revisit the idea of using coal as a source of energy is outrageous.

Leave Maliau Basin coal alone, urges ex-CM

Sabah Progressive Party president Yong Teck Lee says he is disturbed by statements by Sabah leaders who seem intent on exploiting coal deposits in the rich forests of the 'Lost World'.

Forget about coal, cleaner options are here, says conservation group

A 2010 report, called 'Clean Energy Options Report for Sabah', highlights power supply options for the state.

Coal not our only option to solve power woes, says Shafie

Commenting on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s proposal on coal mining in Sabah, Shafie Apdal says solar, hydro and gas are also being considered.