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Tag: Coca Cola

Wall Street gains on robust Coca-Cola, United Tech earnings

Coca-Cola shares rise by 4.9%, the most among stocks listed on the Dow Jones index.

Tommy Hilfiger revisits Coca-Cola collaboration

The designer pieces have been tweaked from the original to display a new logo fusing both the iconic Coca-Cola and Tommy Jeans symbols.

Coca-Cola turns to grandmas’ recipes in India

As consumers turn health-conscious at a rapid clip even in emerging markets, Coke’s mission globally is now to sell a lot more than just Coke.

Pepsi soothes investors with sales growth and plans for payouts

PepsiCo shares rose as much as 3% to US$115.95, the most since Dec 21.

Ex-Coke engineer charged with stealing secrets for China firm

US national You Xiaorong allegedly stole technology for valuable BPA-free packaging.

Coca-Cola agrees to purchase Nigerian juicer

Coca-Cola wants to expand away from high-sugar drinks and into emerging markets.

Shutdown makes it harder for boards to quash shareholder votes

The SEC hasn’t posted any responses to the requests since Dec. 19.

Pepsi and Coca Cola pouring US$1.4 billion into Pakistan

Many consumer companies see Pakistan, the world's sixth most populous country, as a hot consumer market due to its fast-growing population of 208 million people.

Father of two jailed in France for feeding them Coca-Cola

There was no fridge, the children slept on a mattress without covers and there were no toys... their father fed them only cakes and Coca-Cola.

McLaren sign short-term partnership with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola said the decision to collaborate with McLaren was aimed at furthering its connection with young people.

PepsiCo joins Coca-Cola in exploring cannabis drinks

Cannabis-infused drinks have been seen as a potential growth area for soda and spirits companies that have had trouble boosting sales. a

Coca-Cola, Walmart to cut plastic pollution in oceans

The G7 is also looking at ways of tracking discarded gear back to vessels in order to identify polluters.

Decade of deals: How coffee became the must-have business

Consumers increasingly are embracing stronger, artisanal brews and specialty drinks.

Coca-Cola expands into coffee with US$5.1 bln deal for Britain’s Costa

For Coca-Cola, the deal adds to its efforts to move away from fizzy drinks towards more healthier options for increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Coca-Cola picks up stake in Kobe Bryant sports drink

Coca-Cola's investment in BodyArmor comes as its Powerade drink steadily cedes market share to more popular Gatorade, and as the beverage giant faces falling demand.

“Superfood” craze makes big business of Africa’s baobab

9 of the world's 13 oldest baobab trees had died in the last 12 years according to the Nature Plants journal; climate change has been cited as a potential cause for the 2-millennia old trees to die.

Coca-Cola results beat estimates on higher Diet Coke, Zero Sugar demand

By appealing to more health-conscious consumers, Coca-Cola Co exceeded Wall Street estimates for quarterly sales and profit.

Cheers! Coca-Cola launches first boozy drink in Japan

A 350-millilitre will set you back 150 yen (RM5.46).

Coca-Cola to launch its first alcoholic drink in Japan

Coca-Cola plans to launch its first ever alcoholic drink in Japan, in a suprising departure for a US company identified with cola and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Coca-Cola defeats US lawsuit over Diet Coke ads

Shana Becerra had sued Coca-Cola Co for what she claimed to be false advertising.

Alibaba turns heads as it joins Games sponsorship waltz

Alibaba Chief Executive said that the company was looking to improve how merchandise is sold during the Games.

Coca-Cola beri amaran boikot rugikan pekerja, peruncit Malaysia

Pengurus negara Coca-Cola Malaysia berkata, syarikat itu tidak menyokong atau membangkang sebarang perkara berkaitan agama serta tidak memihak negara tertentu.

Coca-Cola warns boycott will only hurt Malaysians

Coca-Cola Malaysia says the company does not support or oppose religious causes or favour one country over another.

Lelaki ini simpan sejarah Coca-Cola dalam 50,000 barangan koleksinya

Setiap botol, tin, hiasan atau permainan Coca-Cola dalam koleksi milik Lim mempunyai cerita tersendiri, justeru masing-masing tidak ternilai dan tidak boleh ditukar ganti dengan wang.