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Tag: Coca Cola

Lelaki ini simpan sejarah Coca-Cola dalam 50,000 barangan koleksinya

Setiap botol, tin, hiasan atau permainan Coca-Cola dalam koleksi milik Lim mempunyai cerita tersendiri, justeru masing-masing tidak ternilai dan tidak boleh ditukar ganti dengan wang.

Coca-Cola serves up gay-friendly ad for all genders, generations

The ad, part of the company's global "Taste the Feeling" campaign, features a teenage girl ogling the pool boy from a downstairs window while her brother does the same from upstairs.

Coca-Cola opens new US$100m plant in Cambodia

The company began operations in the country in 1993 and the new plant is situated inside the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ), a Cambodian-Japanese joint venture and operator of the biggest industrial estate.

No alcohol in Coca-Cola Euro 2016 bottles

Company says it will continue to meet the strict halal processing standards, and strict hygiene and quality compliance for all its products.