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Ghana farmers sweet on cocoa minimum price drive

The price drop of cocoa squeezes Ghanaian farmers, who welcome government intervention.

Ravages of time on an African cocoa plantation

Agostinho Neto, where once cocoa was shipped out to the world, now faces the threat of rotting away as time takes its toll on its plantations.

The Korean cocoa man who fell in love with Sabah

Eddie Kim, the founder of chocolate company Bonaterra, wants to give back to the people who made him feel at home.

Chocolate addiction leaves Asia with a craving impossible to satisfy

Asia is becoming a chocolate frenzied continent with more cocoa shipments coming into our shores from Africa and South America.

This world-beating stock may just be everyone’s cup of cocoa

The shares of Johor cocoa bean processor Guan Chong Bhd have soared more than 170% in the past year.

Humans and chocolate: a 5,000-year love story

As a major crop today, used by most of the world's population for an enormous variety of purposes, cacao is of great interest to humanity.

Indonesia has a chocolate problem

A millennial re-imagining of the chocolate-malt drink Milo - one of the region’s favourite treats - into Es Kepal Milo, which translates as “Milo on round ice”, might just turn things around.

EU urged to draft law on child labour, deforestation in coffee...

As a top importer of cocoa and coffee, the bloc must take firmer action to tackle child labour and forest degradation in these supply chains, speakers told a European Parliament hearing on the issue.

Côte d’Ivoire eyes biomass power generation from cocoa waste

The biomass power station would be based in Divo Department.

Nigeria moves to boost cocoa sector

Agriculture was once the mainstay of Nigeria's economy and provided jobs for more than 70% of the population until the discovery of oil.

Caterpillar infestation threatens Côte d’Ivoire cocoa mid-crop

The infestation threatens what so far has been a promising April-to-September mid-crop.

Cocoa industry pledges coordinated action on poverty, deforestation

At the World Cocoa Conference, cocoa companies and governments gave their assurance that they would do their best to combat poverty, deforestation, and human rights abuses in the cocoa industry.

Abundant rains in Côte d’Ivoire boost early mid-crop cocoa harvests

Increased rain has boosted Côte d’Ivoire's mid-crop cocoa harvest.

Ivory Coast to lose 125,000 tonnes of cocoa to theft

Ivory Coast is struggling to contain cocoa smuggling this season after the country lowered the minimum price for farmers by more than a third.