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‘Wrong to collect copyright royalties from coffee shop owners’

Deputy minister Chong Chieng Jen says main reason TV sets are set up in coffee shops is for watching football matches, not music.

Tai chi, durian among little pleasures in Dr M’s battle for...

Many say the former leader is the reason for Langkawi's progress and hope his comeback would bring back the good old times.

Famous ‘billionaires’ kopitiam’ closes shop in Penang

Kong Thai Lai coffee shop, operating for nearly 100 years at Hutton Lane, bids adieu to regular patrons as it operates for the last time, following eviction.

How Big Biz can lend a hand for social enterprises

Partnerships with communities the key, instead of a single donation, says coffee-shop founder.

A coffee shop that perks up the deaf in business

Founded on a divine calling to give disabled people a leg up in the world.