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Tag: Coffee

Padang: Interesting eats and Luwak coffee

When eating at hidang-style restaurants be careful of the hygiene factor and be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for premium coffee.

Will lower coffee bean prices impact prospects for property?

Although there are big savings to be made for the everyday man, saving for that downpayment still depends on a drinker’s habits.

Fascinating things to do in Hue, Central Vietnam

From taking a walking tour around The Citadel, to visiting beautiful pagodas and experiencing the coffee culture, Hue is a memorable tourist spot.

Falling prices rock coffee-growers in Colombia

Coffee producers in Colombia are selling at a loss, blaming the crash on stock market speculators who have force prices down to an all-time low.

Coffee lovers, listen up! Hanoi House Cafe makes a serious brew

The standard hot coffee with condensed milk is thick, aromatic, and packs a punch. What's there not to love about it?

Cafe Toff, Macau: Good food, stiff prices

The cafe is cosy inside and serves a rather comprehensive selection of coffees and teas to go with its salads, sandwiches and breakfast sets.

Gardenista Cafe in Hanoi is brimming with ambience

Half green house-half cafe, this spot at Hoan Kiem Lake Park serves up a mean cup of coffee to be enjoyed among the soothing greens.

Chocolate and chilli: A match made in heaven

Spiced hot chilli chocolate is not something new as even the Mayans of Guatemala in 460 A D were already enjoying chocolate with cornmeal and chillies.

What is the ‘nappuccino’ trend and how could it boost your...

Drinking coffee before taking a 20-minute nap will leave you feeling more awake afterwards than just coffee or a nap alone.

Teacher duped of RM152,000 by company selling ‘famous brand of coffee’

Earlier, Kuantan police had received similar reports from 19 people involving a total loss of RM735,000.

Bean bonanza: coffee cafes pop up in remote corner of Indonesia

Coffee was introduced to the region by Islamic traders around the 18th century, but for most Torajans paying to drink it in a store was an alien idea.

60% of coffee varieties face ‘extinction risk’

Global coffee production currently relies on just two species: arabica and robusta.

Starbucks ‘sanctuary’ in Bali features working coffee farm and greenhouse

The Coffee Sanctuary marks the 10th Starbucks Reserve Bar in Indonesia, and is one of 185 stores around the world.

Coffee Mug Cake that’s a breeze to make

Fluffy and warm with that necessary hit of coffee, this recipe is a breeze to put together and requires only basic ingredients.

Plunging coffee bean prices could drive grower cutbacks in 2019

The annual average price paid to farmers in Brazil is the lowest in four years in local currency terms.

Meet Malaysia’s champion barista Keith Koay

This barista says that if one is passionate and hardworking, owning a coffee bar can be 'very, very fun' although extremely challenging.

An award-winning barista’s coffee mocktail recipe

This non-alcoholic coffee mocktail has the bitterness of espresso, the sweetness of pineapple and the sharp notes of citrus lime blending smoothly together.

Indonesians sip 4,000 cups of Java

Java is an old-fashioned brew dating back to the colonial period when few locals could afford bean-extracted coffee.

Malaysians share how they save money on coffee

From enjoying a free flow of coffee at the office, to drinking instant mixes and buying your own home set-up, there are fun and easy ways to enjoy coffee on the cheap.

Tea or coffee? The answer might be genetic

Coffee drinkers were genetically less sensitive to bitterness than tea drinkers, making them less likely to hate other bitter-tasting foods such as green vegetables.

Vietnamese Street Food 101: Tantalising Bo Kho or beef stew

Bo Kho is usually served with Banh Mi (baguette), rice noodles or steamed rice and has a complex flavour due to the pungent fish sauce used in it.

Starbucks models first sign language store in US after Bangsar outlet

The cafe is modelled after a store that opened in Bangsar in 2016.

10 things to do during long holiday getaways

When long holidays come a-calling, you know what you have to do - jump into that car and take off on a series of unforgettable experiences.

Seraph Awaken: Perk-up with some hand-brewed coffees

There's nothing better to perk-up a sleepy afternoon than a chilled cup of ice-dripped latte prepared right before your eyes.