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Tag: commercial crime

Police bust Musang King, cheap air tickets scams in Sabah

Two syndicates used social media and free messaging apps to promote their frauds, raking in over RM3 million since August.

Najib explains why he kept money in apartment after May 9

The former PM insists the millions seized by authorities in their probe into 1MDB belongs to the party and he was then its caretaker.

3-day committal hearing for businessman in penny stock case

A total of 67 witnesses will be involved in the committal hearing of Soh Chee Wen, who is alleged to have triggered the collapse of the Singapore penny stocks in 2013.

Cops say handphones were never allowed during house search

Police say only official photographers were allowed to take pictures.

Police trying to open 20-year-old safe at Najib’s house

In a statement through his lawyer, former prime minister complains of harrassment on first day of Ramadan, and says three boxes of 'insignficant' personal items removed by police after an all night search.

3 ‘Datuks’ arrested over RM1 billion forex scam

Police have received 116 reports over scam involving RM6.2 million but cops estimate there are 70,000 victims, taking the total losses closer to RM1 billion.

JJPTR founder, aides rearrested, taken to Penang

Penang cops to investigate trio over reports submitted by investors into forex investment scheme which Bukit Aman says received up to RM1.7 billion in investments.

Court dismisses man’s bid for freedom from Poca

High Court rules salesman had filed the wrong mode to challenge his Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) detention but allows wife, lawyer to meet him.

Man detained without trial under Poca seeks release

Vishnu Moorthy Raja Singam claims in a habeas corpus application that the Prevention of Crime Act was misused to detain him for commercial crime investigations.

Malaysia a hub for African love scams, say police

Losses incurred from such cases last year was almost quadruple from the year before.

Malaysia hab penipuan cinta lelaki Afrika – polis

Jumlah kerugian akibat aktiviti penipuan berkenaan mencecah RM199 juta tahun lalu