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Tag: communism

Is PAS out of touch with common good?

Individual declaration of assets cannot be interpreted from a political-ideological viewpoint but on the basis of common good.

30 years after Tiananmen, protesters’ goals further away than ever

Democracy cannot survive if China is the global power, says a Tiananmen activist.

Home ministry has documents stating communists backed DAP, says Annuar

Umno leader criticised by DAP leaders in Dewan Rakyat for accusing the party of being influenced by communists.

Hundreds attend funeral of Mao’s secretary-turned-critic

Mao's former secretary Li Rui was sent to prison during the Cultural Revolution.

Home ministry bans communist publication

It says publication contains elements which are supportive and sympathetic towards communists.

Russian exhibit puts Marx in the picture, 200 years after his...

Hundreds of his images have now been brought together in a new exhibition in Saint Petersburg.

Mat Sabu: Better to include ‘communist Malaysians’ in textbooks

The defence minister says locals who fought for the country's independence should be highlighted rather than communists.

Putrajaya to seek Australia’s stand on Sirul

But Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he will not be seeking extradition for the former policeman.

Real history or propaganda? Fahmi challenges PH

Will textbooks be revised, asks activist who notes that a Form 3 History text has 10 pages on Umno and one wrong paragraph about leftist independence fighters PKMM.

Reforms loom, but not capitalism, according to Cuban president

Although Cuba is set to adopt constitutional reforms that will recognise private property and the market economy, President Miguel Díaz-Canel insisted that Cuba would reject capitalism.

No programme, no debate but Putin cruising to poll win

As always, Putin has bowed out of debates and has symbolically refused his free television airtime as a candidate.

Indonesian activist jailed for ‘spreading communism’

Heri Budiawan was found guilty of spreading communism during a demonstration last year.

Communist Party paper warns officials against spiritual practices

The People's Daily in China takes to task officials who 'go to monasteries, pray to God and worship Buddha', saying communism is about atheism.

Thousands of Indonesians hold anti-communist protest in Jakarta

Analysts and government advisers said the fomenting of a “red scare” was aimed at Indonesia’s reformist president Widodo, who has previously been falsely accused of being the descendant of communists.

Adios Fidel!

Cuba is way more resilient than other communist regimes, including its two big brothers: the now dead Soviet Union and the completely overhauled China.

M’sians queried for sale of books on communism in Jakarta

Four taken to police headquarters but are not charged with having committed any crime.

Making a ‘mountain’ out of a course on Marxism

Police apprehend those responsible for petty crimes while those responsible for mammoth crimes and financial scandals are left free to roam the corridors of power.

Police to stop PSM’s public course on Marxism

IGP calls it an effort to promote communism, PSM says it is about an alternative to capitalism.