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Page out of history: Gurney’s killing and the village of Tras

After Sir Henry Gurney is assassinated, everyone from the village of Tras is rounded-up and placed in a detention camp on suspicion of collaborating with the communists.

DAP: We never suggested splitting peninsula along racial lines

DAP hits out at former IGP Hanif Omar, saying he is 'creating his own history'.

Veterans say no to recognising communists in textbooks

They say the communists tortured and killed Malaysian soldiers, and it is inappropriate to include them in history books.

New Czech government in jeopardy over foreign minister nomination

The Czech Communist Party disapproves of the prospect of Miroslav Poche, nominated by the ČSSD, becoming the Czech Republic's foreign minister.

Iraq communists march on May Day, confident ahead of polls

By aligning with Muqtada al-Sadr, the Iraqi Communist Party is hoping to bolster its chances of a strong showing in the country's upcoming elections.

Greek communists try to topple Truman statue

The attempted destruction of the statue of former US President Harry S Truman was part of a wave of protests against an aerial bombing campaign in Syria.

Czech PM Babiš says government with Communists, far right a last...

Forming a government with the Communists and SPD party would give Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party a parliamentary majority.

Czech PM Babiš says will continue talks on new government

Andrej Babiš will continue talks with the CSSD, Communists, and SPD to attempt to form the new government of the Czech Republic.

Non-Malays did their patriotic duty – check the facts please

The non-Malays fought the communists equally hard as the Malays and it is a distortion of the facts, and history, to claim otherwise.

Non-Malays are just as patriotic as Malays

Ismail Mina Ahmad's claim that only the Malays sacrificed their lives for Malaya is an insult to the memory of non-Malays who died for the same cause.

Baru: Sarawak chiefs deserved to fly business class to meet PM

The state PKR chairman claims use of the A400M military aircraft to transport 180 chiefs from Sibu to KL was an abuse of power and misuse of military assets.

Great patriots emerge during crisis

The government's move to declassify top secret missions during the two-decade insurgency, has revealed the identities of real patriots within our midst.

Philippines communists warn peace unlikely soon

Forces on the ground are urging an end to a ceasefire as they become frustrated with the government's broken promises.

Baling Communist Cave to be protected

It will be preserved due to its historical importance and will serve as a tourist attraction.