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Understanding the concept of ‘living wage’

It is an income level needed for a household to be able to afford a minimum acceptable living standard.

Urgent! 4 ways to prevent credit card fraud

While credit card issuers continuously improve protection facilities and increase security to prevent fraud, you too can be on the alert.

5 ways to avoid the dangers of credit card debt

You must stop thinking of your credit card as free money but as a loan you must repay.

5 best credit cards to have when you first start working

Choose a credit card that caters to your personal spending habits and make sure you prioritise your spending based on the features of that particular card.

Expenses most people forget to budget for

Always anticipate the worst and you will be better equipped to handle an unexpected event when it pops up. Here are some important expenses to budget for.

Lost your job? Here are 8 tips to help keep you...

From getting financial help to renegotiating your loan repayments and consolidating your debts, there are many ways to weather the storm.

Yes, millennials can start investing from as low as RM100

If you keep to a budget and have consistent savings, you will be able to monitor your cash flow and determine the amount of capital you have to initiate an investment.