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Man who sparked impeachment inquiry may never be heard

Lawyers for whistleblower are concerned for safety of their client if he testifies to Congress.

Trump ex-Russia adviser testifies in impeachment inquiry

Fiona Hill is the latest to be called in to testify in US president’s impeachment inquiry.

US Energy Secretary reportedly next casualty in Ukraine scandal

Rick Perry's contacts with Ukraine have drawn him into the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump.

Whistleblower’s identity must be protected after Trump threats

There have been reports of a US$50,000 bounty for information related to the whistleblower’s identity.

Giuliani subpoenaed for documents relating to Ukraine dealings

House of Representatives believes Trump’s lawyer has evidence indicating other administration officials might have been involved.

I deserve to meet my accuser, says Trump

US president says the whistleblower misrepresented a ‘perfect’ conversation with a foreign leader.

No need for reinforcements, says Trump’s lawyer

Legal experts say the US president needs lawyers untouched by the Ukraine scandal.

Public opinion shifting because of Ukraine scandal, says Pelosi

The cavalier attitude of the administration to the Inspector General’s report on Ukraine has turned the tide.

Trump issues rallying cry to supporters on Twitter

The US president says he won't let the Democrats stop him from fighting for the people.

India probes sudden jump in refined palm oil imports from Malaysia

This follows complaint from a Mumbai-based trade body that rising shipments of refined palm oil have hit local refiners.

UK company complains to LME about access to metal in Malaysia

London-listed Glencore bought 200,000 tonnes of aluminium on the LME in January and made preparations to take it from a warehouse in Port Klang.

Got an SST complaint? WhatsApp the domestic trade ministry

Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail says consumers need only include their full name, an image of the receipt and the name of the premises.

Lawyer: Amend laws to punish ‘senior judges’ meddling in judgments

Recent revelations have shown there are no provisions in the constitution and other related laws to look into complaints being made against anyone holding administrative positions in the judiciary, says lawyer Arun Kasi.

Gobind to meet Astro reps next week over poor service

This follows complaint by subscriber that his complaint about his faulty decoder had not been attended to.

Confer with cops on IPCMC, ex-CID chief tells committee

Zaman Khan Rahim Khan says retired and serving officers want their views to be heard on the setting up of a commission to oversee complaints and misbehaviour related to the force.

Philippines’ Duterte tells police, soldiers not to cooperate in any drug...

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered police and soldiers not to cooperate in any investigation into his bloody war on drugs, amid international calls for an external probe.

Penang woman’s video on grouses: Here are the facts

FMT takes a look at the claims made by a woman in the 'Isn't 10 years enough' video and provides a fact check on each item of claim.

MBPJ action did not breach whistleblower law, says lawyer

Derek Fernandez, who is also a local government expert, notes however, that it's not the council's policy to release complainant's details.

Shock over PJ council’s policy of disclosing complainant’s identity

MBPJ defends its action of revealing the full name and address of a resident to a developer against whom she had lodged a complaint.

Voters changing addresses: EC wants Warisan to make formal complaint

It gives this advice following Warisan's allegation of 5,000 'dubious voters' in state moved from previous constituencies.

When will I be able to travel again, asks Zunar

Cartoonist says he is still awaiting an explanation for his travel ban, which has affected his source of income.

True Fitness members can complain to Consumer Claims Tribunal

Minister says the tribunal can handle claims up to RM25,000 per person.

Mara Digital’s sole supplier: Huge stocks, no complaints

WGN Scan general manager denies there are problems about supplies and says the only complaint so far was about giving more publicity to the mall.

Salleh to probe claim over hidden Astro charges

This follows complaint over Facebook that a subscriber who wanted to cancel sports package was told to pay RM360.