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Hopes of fair probe by task force dashed, says wife of...

Susanna Koh says she has no confidence in the reconstituted task force as three of its members have conflict of interest issues.

Maszlee confident education council will develop holistic, inclusive system

The education minister says the composition of the council reflects the ideals Putrajaya is aiming for.

So what if non-Muslims make up 50% of the cabinet?

It is no use to anyone if the cabinet is made up of corrupt, scheming , dishonest racist leaders who believe in polarisation and not ability or meritocracy.

Cabinet composition ‘slap in the face’ for Sarawakians, says analyst

Political analyst says it is unfair that Sarawak DAP veteran Chong Chieng Jen has been made a deputy minister while PPBM newbie Syed Saddiq has been appointed a full minister.

Cabinet composition is PM’s prerogative, says lawyer

DAP youth and others must realise Pakatan Harapan won power largely due to the support of voters who are not card-carrying members of political parties, says lawyer Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali .

Women in Cabinet: Quality matters more than gender, says Rafidah

Rafidah Aziz says it is the person and the value system held by that person which is important.

Constitutional crisis brewing over top judicial appointments?

Many legal experts say the move to extend the service of the chief justice and the Court of Appeal president is against the constitution while others say it is not.