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Guan Eng to meet Maju Holdings on PLUS takeover bid

The finance minister says his initial reservations were based on shareholders' stand.

Siemens, Alstom are said to offer new remedies to save deal

The companies have offered to sell signalling assets as well as longer licensing agreements, and have already identified potential acquirers.

Putrajaya cancels Prestariang’s immigration control system concession

Prestariang Berhad says it is discussing its compensation with the government.

MRCB receives RM1.3 bil settlement for termination of concession

The company says the termination of the Eastern Dispersal Link does not entail any transfer or disposal of its unit, MLSSB, and MRCB Southern Link Bhd to the government.

May secures key EU Brexit concessions on customs

The move could win over some opposition Labour lawmakers and increase the chances of getting a Brexit deal through Parliament.

Softening tone, Mexico leftist says ‘no problem’ with airport concession

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has in the past threatened to cancel the building of the New International Airport for Mexico City.

Selangor govt given 4 months to agree on water deal

Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry warns of many implications for future water supply if Selangor declines to make decision by July.

No hike in toll charges this year, government assures

Deputy minister tells Dewan Rakyat that government is committed to slowly doing away with toll charges.

Dubai accuses Djibouti of illegally seizing key port

Dubai has claimed that the Djiboutian government's termination of the concession it granted to DP World to operate at Doraleh was illegal.

24,000 Bumi contractors losing out to concessionaires, says group

An association representing Class F contractors wants Putrajaya to let them bid for jobs valued above RM200,000, saying concession companies are 'reaping what they haven't sown'.

Youth wing demands change in Merkel’s CDU after coalition concessions

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU made many concessions to the SPD, the Young Union has demanded that the CDU find a successor to Merkel.

Prasarana: Don’t crowd Pasar Seni station for MyRapid concession card

Current MyRapid card ceases to function on July 15 and needs to be changed.

Zahid: No concession for Indians to get citizenship

National Registration Department officers are checking details of 2,700 Indians referred by MIC as facing problems getting citizenship.

UiTM project concessionaire revealed

The Pandan MP says it was the prime minister who confirmed that the project was awarded to Umno-linked millionaire Rozali Ismail's company during question time in Parliament on April 10.