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Tag: Conference of Rulers

Brief security forces and elite on Rome Statute, says expert

Shad Saleem Faruqi says there is no harm in consulting the Rulers, but there is no constitutional basis that they should be consulted.

AG acknowledges failure to persuade Rulers on Rome Statute

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas says he spent 45 minutes explaining the legal position at an informal session of the Conference of Rulers.

Govt wanted to avoid clash with royals, Anwar says on Rome...

The PKR president says the prime minister did not want to prolong the issue.

No need for consultation on Rome Statute, but room for deliberation

The Conference of Rulers has been invested by the Federal Constitution with a unique and advisory rule.

Rulers to pick new king after historic resignation

The Conference of Rulers will meet at the palace in Kuala Lumpur today to decide on the next Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

How the new Agong is elected

The nine Malay rulers decide by secret ballot on who will be the next king.

No need for rulers’ consent to abolish Sedition Act, says lawyers...

Lawyers for Liberty says this claim is a 'gross misunderstanding and misreading' of the legislation as well as the Federal Constitution.

Pahang, Johor or Perak – nation awaits next Agong

The three rulers are next in line, and lawyers say the Conference of Rulers is bound by the constitution.

Rulers briefed on national defence, security

The meeting also touched on the appointment of the Election Commission chairman.

Richard Malanjum, Zaharah Ibrahim likely new CJ, chief judge of Malaya

The appointment of top judges is on the agenda of the Conference of Rulers which meets for two days from today.

Ex-judge on how CJ can inspire public confidence in judiciary

Gopal Sri Ram says the incoming chief justice must ensure a strong apex court and Court of Appeal bench by nominating judges who have demonstrated judicial independence.

NSC Act violates constitution, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says the act must be repealed but can be redrafted to comply with the constitution if the government wants such a law.

Vital for new AG to know criminal law, says ex-judge

Otherwise the government would be heading for legal disaster if it has to bring charges against those who broke the law in the previous government while the AG is also Public Prosecutor, says former judge Gopal Sri Ram.

Beyond ethnicity, serious concerns about choice of Attorney-General

It's not merely a question of ethnicity, there are other concerns such as a possible conflict of interest, poor command of the national language and lack of understanding about the shariah.

Tawfik Ismail cites Perak ruler in bid to stop Hadi’s bill

The former MP argues that the Dewan Rakyat speaker and secretary's bid to strike out his suit is unconstitutional and a breach of their oath to uphold the supreme law of the land.

The Rulers’ concern and what it means

When the Conference of Rulers takes a stand on financial integrity or national unity or the role of Islam in multi-religious Malaysia, the people should come out in full support.

Leaders’ political will against extremism under scrutiny

Politicians and ‘little Napoleons’ in government have kept sowing discord even though Malaysians have respected and accepted one another, Sin Chew writer Chong Lip Teck says.

Speak up for Malanjum, Baru tells Sabah, Sarawak BN leaders

Sarawak PKR chief says BN state figures, including chief ministers, must put aside their loyalty to their federal ‘political masters’ over the matter.

Ex-judge: Malanjum can assume top post only if CJ declines

The Judicial Appointments Commission can then propose to the Conference of Rulers to appoint Richard Malanjum to the top judicial post, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Sighting of Syawal new moon fixed for June 24

Office of the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal will declare the date for Aidilfitri the same night through radio and television broadcasts.

Dr Ismail’s son appears in Parliament to hand notice on Act...

Tawfik Ismail reminds Speaker that a debate over the shariah amendment in the Dewan Rakyat can be sub judice when the case is brought to the courts.

Lawyer: Rulers consent not required to raise shariah penalties

Consulting the Conference of Rulers will be out of courtesy as they are head of Islam in their states, says Syahredzan Johan

Expert: Rulers can break political impasse

They played a similar role in ending the 1983 constitutional crisis, says Aziz Bari.

Agong’s role to safeguard nation, says Aziz Bari

Constitutional law expert says Prime Minister's Office cannot speak on Agong's behalf over the meeting with Dr Mahathir on Citizens' Declaration.