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Orang Asli national convention to be held on April 22

100 officers from various agencies and ministries will participate in group discussions to find practical ways to address issues facing the community.

Dr Mahathir calls for comprehensive maritime policy

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says if the nation continues to manage the seas in fragments, the overlapping of jurisdictions and conflict of interest between the sectors will never be resolved.

Conference on clean energy to be held in Kuching

The two-day conference organised by 3 NGOs aims at finding the best pathway for power generation in the country.

National conference to resolve long-standing woes of Orang Asli

This will fulfil the Pakatan Harapan government’s general election manifesto to look into welfare of the Orang Asli, says minister P Waytha Moorthy.

SoftBank COO pulls out of Saudi Arabia conference

SoftBank's Claure requested the organisers of the Saudi Arabia conference to remove his name from the list of speakers, and said he will not attend.

More banking executives pull out of Saudi investment conference

Executives from the media and technology industries had already withdrawn from the event after the disappearance of Khashoggi.

Drug-fuelled HIV surge raises concerns at AIDS meeting

Concerns over an HIV surge in countries where strict laws cause drug users to share virus-laced needles, were raised Monday at a world AIDS assembly in Amsterdam.

Hurricanes coach fires parting shot at Super Rugby format

Wellington Hurricanes coach Chris Boyd is against splitting Super Rugby into New Zealand, South African, and Australian conferences.

Housewives’ EPF: Looking for ways around the law

Government agencies and departments to meet in August at a special conference to look into technicalities such as EPF Acts' protection of members' contributions.

Activists urge oil executives to heed pope at Vatican energy conference

The conference is titled “Energy Transition and Care for Our Common Home”.

Scepticism as France convenes Libya peace conference

Fayez al-Sarraj, Khalifa Haftar, Aguila Saleh Issa, and Khalid Al-Mishri will meet in Paris for a peace conference.

Abbas calls for Mideast peace conference in rare UN speech

The conference that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suggested would potentially ease tensions between Israel and Palestine.

Recent IS video meant to preempt global anti-terror meet

What terrorists forget is the dialogue will be followed by action and close cooperation among countries, officials and experts, says conference official.

Malaysia ‘well on its way’ to family-based care system

Lumos research and evaluations manager Lina Gyllensten says the Negeri Sembilan case study is proof that Malaysia already has many personnel in place, along with the budget and material resources.

Minister: 451 children from homes now in family-based care

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Karim says programme helps reintegrate children with families, friends, relatives and not institutions.

Malaysia’s GDP expected to grow 5% in 2018: Report

Global business research house attributes Malaysia’s economic slowdown to decline in oil and other commodity prices, which are unlikely to rise above their current levels next year.

Ku Li: Conference of Rulers can intervene when nation in crisis

Should governance stall and the excutive, legislature and judiciary are found wanting, the Conference of Rulers can take the lead, says the Kelantan prince

Sg Batu declared SEA’s oldest civilisation

Five archaeological experts, representing five world civilisations, namely Mesopotamia, Indus, Mesoamerica, China and Greek-Rome, sign declaration plaque at Kedah Tua Festival.

New ‘Sulu Sultan’ wants peaceful resolution over Sabah

Spokesperson says the sultan wants an international conference held to address sultanate's sovereignty as well as proprietary issues concerning Sabah.