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Tag: conflict of interest

Trump Jr touts ‘dream’ Indonesia projects, denies conflict

The Indonesian project was one of the last the Trump Organisation signed up before the US president took office.

Two deputy speakers also ‘linked’ to Guan Eng, says PH leader

One was Penang deputy CM and the other is DAP deputy secretary-general, says the leader, after speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof says his son is Lim's press secretary.

Let task force members do their job, says Muhyiddin

The home minister downplays concerns of conflict of interest, says task force has many members and is headed by an ex-judge.

AGC rebuked for inattention to Adib family counsel’s 3 hats

Lawyer SN Nair says alarm bells should have gone off when Syazlin Mansor was found to be representing two government agencies as well.

Ex-MP claims high-ranking Tourism Malaysia official involved in ‘questionable’ deal

Wee Choo Keong says the official was promoted despite being part of a deal which implied a conflict of interest.

Lawyer concerned over conflict of interest in AGC’s defence of chief...

Sangeet Kaur says the AG's office, which is looking into her police report, is also representing the chief justice in the same matter.

Sabah Umno to lodge report against Warisan MP for conflict of...

Sabah Umno spokesman Ghazalie Ansing says Kalabakan MP Ma’amun Sulaiman has openly admitted to appointing his brother to handle projects in his constituency.

Ex-judge: Okay for AG to appoint best lawyer for the task

Gopal Sri Ram says Malaysians should be grateful that Sitpah Selvaratnam, who specialises in admiralty law, is offering her service in the Equanimity seizure case for free.

AG defends appointment of lawyer from ex-law firm to 1MDB team

Tommy Thomas says there is no conflict of interest in the appointment of Sitpah Selvaratnam as she is the best person for the job.

Tommy Thomas will stay out of any decision on Guan Eng,...

It's in line with the AG's assurance not to be part of cases where he was personally involved as a lawyer.

Lawyer: Conflict of interest if AG leads prosecution on Najib

N Sivananthan says it will breach PH's election manifesto if Tommy Thomas continues leading the prosecution team.

Paulsen: AG’s move ensures new govt and EC not ‘bedfellows’

Lawyers for Liberty says decision by AGC not to represent EC in any case involving election petitions prevents any conflict of interest and also accusation of bias.

Lawyers can now appear for EC in election disputes, says AG

Tommy Thomas says the AGC is set up to represent the government and it will be a conflict of interest to appear for the EC, which is considered an independent body under Federal Constitution.

AG promises to recuse himself to avoid conflict of interest, says...

Tommy Thomas has told the Malaysian Bar Council he would not participate in cases involving people he might have known when he was in private practice.

Lawyer: AG can opt to be either govt adviser or public...

Gurdial Singh Nijar says Tommy Thomas can institute the de facto change by practice pending a constitutional amendment to separate the roles.

Bar: Appoint separate persons as AG and PP

A situation of conflict of interest arises when AG, as legal adviser to government, has to prosecute politicians for criminal offences, says Bar president George Varughese.

Govt-linked firm’s CEO surrenders to MACC in ‘conflict of interest’ probe

The CEO was arrested immediately after he presented himself at Penang MACC’s headquarters today.

Malaysia named in US report on Trump’s conflicts of interest

The Malaysian government is among three other governments and 64 delegations who used properties linked to the US president's vast business empire.

Analyst: Shah Alam, George Town can lead the way for reforms

Penang Institute’s Wong Chin Huat says this includes initiating the use of public funds for political parties.

Firm linked to head of GLC made RM3 mil from projects,...

PKR's Saifuddin Nasution Ismail alleges the CEO in question gave projects to an engineering firm he is apparently still involved with.

Putrajaya files objection to ex-youth chief’s suit

Senior Federal Counsel Shamsul Bolhassan says former PKR youth chief has no locus standi to initiate suit against the prime minister and auditor-general.

Rafizi: Hummer ‘benefit’ smacks of corruption

MACC is asked to probe the use of the Hummer SUV belonging to timber tycoon Michael Chia by Nazri Aziz's son.