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Tag: Congress

Defying Trump, US senator moves toward vote to block Saudi arms...

Robert Menendez plans a vote to block a US$8 billion in military sales by the White House to Saudi Arabia and the UAE without consenting Congress.

US lawmakers pressure China with bill backing HK rights

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act is a measure that would also threaten to remove Hong Kong's status as a US special trading partner.

Watergate figure Dean details Trump-Nixon parallels

One of those parallels, Dean notes, was the primary role in Trump's alleged obstruction efforts of former White House counsel Don McGahn, a main source for the Mueller investigation.

10 mln signatures urging Trump impeachment delivered to Congress

Dozens of cardboard boxes featuring the signatures, gathered on petitions from groups such as MoveOn and the annual Women's March, were delivered to Tlaib.

Trump son Donald Jr subpoenaed by Senate panel

Donald Jr. is also being quizzed about direct communications he has with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

US House panel accuses Barr of contempt as Trump invokes executive...

House of Representatives Judiciary Committee voted to recommend that the full House cite Barr for contempt of Congress after he defied its subpoena for the complete report and underlying evidence.

Violence as millions vote in 2nd phase of India’s election

As the Indian continent votes, violence took place in the far east state and insurgency Jammu and Kashmir.

Before US Congress, Mnuchin testimony descends into acrimony

The treasury secretary in facing grilling before House panels on appropriations and financial services, where Democrats are aggressively questioning him over President Donald Trump’s tax returns, sanctions policy toward Russia and his personal finances.

Actress Michelle Williams at US Capitol to push for pay equality

The 'Brokeback Mountain' star is taking the lead and pushing for equal pay for women across America.

US on edge for Russia probe findings on Trump

The American public is still in the dark over what the Mueller investigation uncovered about the president's ties to Russia and alleged acts of obstruction of justice.

In budget, Trump to ask Congress for US$8.6 billion for border...

The demand is more than 6 times what Congress allocated for border projects in each of the past 2 fiscal years.

US Spanish speakers decry ‘second-class’ treatment under Trump

As the US president battles with Congress over funding for a border wall to stem the tide of immigrants from Central America, disturbing incidents linked to the use of Spanish are on the rise.

Trump brands Democrats an ‘anti-Jewish’ party

Donald Trump's remarks follow days of debates in Congress addressing sensitive questions about national allegiance, discriminatory tropes, and accusations of show votes.

Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen wraps up congressional testimony

It was the fourth and final scheduled interview with a congressional panel for Trump's longtime lawyer and general fixer.

Pelosi urges support for resolution to block border wall emergency

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro vows to introduce a resolution to terminate the president's move, backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump says wall coming `one way or the other’ as lawmakers...

Trump says in a tweet that if Democrats didn’t give him all the wall money he’s demanded, he may use executive action to build it.

John Dingell, longest-serving member of US Congress, passes away at 92

John Dingell's passing is tragic news for many in Southeast Michigan but is remembered for his decades of public service, his razor-sharp wit, and a lifetime of dedication to improve the lives of 'all who walk this earth'.

Trump to lawmakers: Don’t waste your time, deal needs wall

Trump has threatened a resumption of the record-long shutdown if the panel fails to find common ground or produces a plan he does not like.

White House pushes back after explosive report alleges Trump told lawyer...

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani calls the allegation in the BuzzFeed report "categorically false" in a comment sent to several White House reporters.

US Congress to see push to regulate Big Tech in 2019

The wave of data scandals that have hit Facebook and other online platforms has prompted growing calls for action by lawmakers.

White House, congressional aides to resume shutdown talks Sunday

The vice president describes the meeting, at his ceremonial office across the street from the White House, as a “productive discussion.”

Trump warns could force long-term shutdown over border wall

Describing the situation as a "national emergency," the president says he is also looking into ways to build the wall without congressional approval.

US House passes bills to end shutdown, ignores Trump veto threat

New House speaker Nancy Pelosi is adamant no funding for a border wall will be made available.

Democrats take on Trump as divided US Congress gets to work

Among the first tasks of the 116th Congress will be ending the shutdown.