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Tag: consent

Consent a must, says women’s group on doctor’s physical examination

All Women's Action Society cites Malaysian Medical Council guidelines covering seven types of consent in healthcare.

Finally, SIS’ challenge to Selangor fatwa to be heard

The Federal Court sends the judicial review for hearing before the High Court following an agreement by the disputing parties.

Poland breached rights with exhumation order of presidential plane crash victims

Polish prosecutors had ordered the exhumation of the bodies, including Lech Kaczynski's, to check whether the fatalities had been caused by an explosion or impact with the ground.

No decision on Ali Hamsa’s position, says source

It is up to the prime minister to advise the king whether to terminate or shorten Ali Hamsa's contract or allow him to serve until it expires in August 2020.

Penang must raise marriage age to 18, says rep

But opposition leader says in Islam, it is okay to marry as long as one reaches puberty.

Ex-judge: Amend Age of Majority Act to stop child marriages

Gopal Sri Ram says all the government needs to do is amend the law and extend it to any area of human activity, including the age to vote and get married.

New Swedish law recognises sex without consent as rape

The law stipulates that a person has committed rape if they have been part of a sexual act in which the other person has not participated "freely".

“Now Know Ye”: Queen gives formal consent to royal wedding

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has given her formal consent to the marriage of her grandson Harry to American actress Meghan Markle in a historic document made of vellum that is decorated with symbols representing the lives of the couple.

Sweden to tighten rape legislation, outlaw non-consensual sex

A new law in Sweden will widen the circumstances that could constitute rape or other sex crimes.

Indira’s children were never Muslims, says lawyer

Lawyer K Shunmuga says Federal Court ruling in revoking conversion certificates made it clear as the children did not recite the ‘dua kalimah syahadah’.

Civil courts have the power, say judges as top court quashes...

Five-man bench says civil courts have constitutional authority to hear complaints of conversion to Islam.

Actor Ansari responds to sexual misconduct allegations

Aziz Ansari has asserted that although he did engage in sexual activity with a photographer, it was entirely consensual.

Tawfik Ismail cites Perak ruler in bid to stop Hadi’s bill

The former MP argues that the Dewan Rakyat speaker and secretary's bid to strike out his suit is unconstitutional and a breach of their oath to uphold the supreme law of the land.

Rulers’ consent needed to amend shariah laws, says ex-judge

Every Malaysian has the right to express his concern over Hadi’s bill and if Hadi Awang thinks it is his exclusive domain, he is constitutionally wrong, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Lawyer: Rulers consent not required to raise shariah penalties

Consulting the Conference of Rulers will be out of courtesy as they are head of Islam in their states, says Syahredzan Johan

Govt’s stand clashes with child conversion amendment in Parliament

Government lawyer argues in Indira Gandhi appeal case that consent of one parent is enough for a child to be made a Muslim.

Chief Judge of Malaya to head panel in Indira case

Although Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria had earlier declined to enlarge the coram, the current five-man bench is multiracial and gender mixed.