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Tag: conservation

Rare 2-headed green turtle found in Sabah hatchery

Conservationists on Pulau Mabul are all excited with the discovery of the first two-headed turtle from 13,000 hatchlings released previously.

Border officials ticked off after 10 tusks smuggled as dowry

Latest seizure is the third by Indonesian Customs in recent times and is a blow to Sabah’s on-going elephant conservation efforts.

Warisan-led govt slammed over go-ahead for TAED and Papar Dam projects

Sabah Environmental Protection Association, Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam and Tanah Dahai say it is a 'betrayal' to Sabahans.

‘Sand mafias’ threaten Morocco’s coastline

Sand has been stolen to help feed an industry that is growing at full tilt.

Report the elephant killers, earn a luxury hotel stay

An animal rights group is offering money and a hotel stay for credible information on the killers.

New Raya delicacy gives nature lovers heartburn

Fears that growing popularity of 'lemang periuk kera’ or pitcher plant lemang will lead to the plant's extinction.

Green turtle makes 215km dash by taxi to seek treatment in...

Resort owners foot RM350 taxi fare to send the turtle from Kudat to the YTL Gaya Island Resort marine centre for urgent treatment to save its life.

Sabah marine conservationists unhappy with turtle tagging method

Two groups want greater transparency and assurance the turtles will be protected after state minister says the tagging will continue but with improved methods.

Marine conservationists call for end to ‘unethical’ turtle tagging method

They warn that the method, which involves tying the turtles' flippers and 'shooting' them to the surface using lift bags, could cause decompression sickness.

Turtle Power: Near extinct terrapins make Cambodian comeback

Royal Turtles have been greatly reduced by hunting and sand mining, which destroyed the banks where they lay their eggs.

Team in Florida captures huge python using tracking devices

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has sponsored hunting programs to target the reptiles.

Palm oil players to help Sabah plant 1 mil trees in...

The primary industries ministry says this is in line with its decision to cap oil palm cultivation to 6.5 million hectares.

Conservationists release 155 giant tortoises on Galapagos island

The young Chelonoidis hoodensis tortoises were set free on Santa Fe island.

Robinson Crusoe island sets example for the world in conservation

Chile announced the creation of the enormous Juan Fernandez Marine Park almost a year ago.

Hong Kong failing to tackle wildlife smuggling epidemic

Wildlife trafficking in Hong Kong is under-policed and under-investigated.

Help us keep our forest, Setia Alam residents urge Selangor MB

Residents living around the Shah Alam Community Forest hope the state government will gazette the area as a 'community managed' forest reserve.

Restore Pulau Kukup’s national park status, says lawyer

N Surendran says changing its status to 'sultanate land' is inappropriate.

Sabah sets up joint task force to protect elephant population

A total of 116 elephants have died between October 2010 and September this year.

Orphaned orangutan makes return to wild after 18 years of rehab

The Sabah Wildlife Department, Wildlife Rescue Unit and Orang Utan Appeal UK pooled resources to make this amazing achievement possible.

Forget about coal, cleaner options are here, says conservation group

A 2010 report, called 'Clean Energy Options Report for Sabah', highlights power supply options for the state.

Sabah agrees to stop oil palm plantations in forest reserves

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says the state government has actually shifted its focus to rubber, fruits, timber plantation and cocoa, among others.

Vietnam seizes nearly a ton of pangolin scales, ivory

Pangolins are treasured in Vietnam and the region for their meat and the alleged medicinal properties of their scales.

S.African lion cubs conceived artificially in world first

The breakthrough could be repeated, with scientists hoping the technique can be used to save other endangered big cats.

Sun bear caught hours after entering house in Sabah

Sun bear left the house not long after entering it and did not cause major damage to property.