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Tag: constituencies

Gambians vote in first local elections since Jammeh

Most of the constituencies are expected to be won by the APRC, the party of now-departed former president Yahya Jammeh.

30,000 object to redelineation in Selangor

Bersih and PH hand over objections to the proposed redelineation of electoral boundaries to the Election Commission.

EC denies moving voters, seeks to strike out Anwar’s claim

The Election Commission did not conduct any redelineation exercise in the second quarter of last year as alleged by Anwar and another voter, says EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah.

Court fixes Aug 14 to hear MPs’ appeal against EC

The early date was fixed at the instruction of the Court of Appeal president as it is a public interest case, says lawyer and litigant M Kulasegaran.

Constituencies are not family heirlooms

Are we short on capable leaders that we must depend on sympathy and the good name of the deceased to win a by-election by selecting their widows as their replacements?

PKR to gather voters nationwide to protest against redelineation

The Election Commission has violated all principles provided in the constitution on a fair and just redrawing of boundaries, says Azmin Ali.

EC seeks to change names of 12 parliamentary seats

The bulk of the seats with proposed name changes are in Opposition-held Selangor.