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Tag: constitution

Judiciary’s independence is paramount, says CJ

Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat says if the government fails to protect the people’s rights, citizens have the right to throw out the government.

Equal partner status for Sabah, Sarawak still on agenda, says Dr...

Mahathir says Special Cabinet Committee, which includes the two chief ministers, has met several times to discuss state rights

Anti-hopping law will uphold what is morally right, says Shad

Politicians have the right to hop, says law expert, but they must resign to allow a fresh election.

Don’t cross the line in politics, the King advises parties

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong reminds Malaysians not to play up sensitive issues in the interests of any party.

PPBM approves two-tier voting system

One-man-one-vote for members to elect branch and division leaders, while delegates will elect Supreme Council members at the party congress.

Explain how new Sabah seats work, says SAPP chief

Yong Teck Lee says the new seat boundaries come into effect only after the State Assembly is dissolved.

Lowering voting age to 18 will ensure democratic vibrancy

If those aged 18 to 21 are old enough to drive, serve in the armed forces, pay taxes and get married, they should also have a voice in their government.

Australia to hold Aboriginal constitutional recognition referendum

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are a disadvantaged community, hopefully a referendum to recognise them under the constitution would materialise.

PPBM to amend constitution before elections

Party secretary-general Marzuki Yahya says the amendments will involve a substantial shift in clauses in the constitution.

Proposed amendments not to get rid of those facing trial, says...

The acting Umno president says it will not take away the right of members to choose their leaders.

Bersih moots amending constitution to trigger redelineation exercise

Bersih 2.0 chairman says amending Article 46 of the Federal Constitution to add more parliamentary seats will allow the Election Commission to carry out a redelineation exercise before GE15.

Sarawak PH reps confused, afraid to be labelled traitors, says PBB...

Juanda Jaya asks why PH assemblymen voted for motion to protect rights in state assembly.

Declare how much you owe Sabah, activist tells Putrajaya

Zainnal Ajamain says Sabah is entitled to an annual grant of 40% of net revenue derived by the federation from the state.

Putrajaya awaits Sarawak ‘package’ of constitutional changes

Law minister Liew Vui Keong says a motion to be debated at the Sarawak state assembly would represent the people's view.

GPS is the bulwark of Sarawak rights, says state minister

James Masing said Sarawakians still had authority in the state assembly to prevent encroachment on its legal rights.

Sarawak to table ‘better’ amendment to constitution

Speaker says the proposed resolution will be "more comprehensive" in contrast to a "meaningless" federal proposal defeated last month.

Draft of Legal Profession Bill isn’t from AG’s Chambers, says Sarawak...

It rejects any move to extend the Legal Profession Act 1976 to Sarawak as it would encroach on state's rights.

Need to inform citizens about Rulers and Constitution, says minister

P Waytha Moorthy says outreach programmes must be improved so that people are informed about constitutional provisions.

Sarawak, Sabah should be given ‘negara’ status, says NGO

Sarawak Association For Peoples' Aspiration says 'negeri' status means the two states are equal to the other states in the peninsula.

We talk, but Rome Statute would have allowed us to act

Ratifying the treaty would have allowed us a say against the lack of prosecution against atrocities committed by countries like Israel and Myanmar, which have always been our concern.

Ex-minister tells how to salvage bill after shot down in Dewan...

Azalina Othman Said says the present de facto law minister and the AG should advise the prime minister to look into the matter.

Rome Statute and the threat to our democracy

We are suddenly seeing demands that more and more issues be referred to the Agong or the rulers for their consent when the constitution itself does not mandate it.

Not what we want, dismayed Sabah politicians say of constitutional amendment...

Saying the amendment is inadequate, they ask for the wording to be changed to reflect that Sabah and Sarawak are of the same status as Penisular Malaysia.

Sabah, Sarawak MPs clash with speaker over bill to amend constitution

They want the bill referred to a select committee before it is tabled in the Dewan Rakyat.