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Tag: Consumers Association of Penang

CAP warns against Malaysia real estate ‘fire sale’ in Hong Kong

The pressure group says the floor price is not a deterrence for foreign property buyers with cash to spare.

Extra packages offered for low-cost units strictly optional, says Penang exco

Housing Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo warns action will be taken against developers who force buyers to take up renovation packages.

‘Bigger picture’ involving LRT plan looks bad, CAP tells Penang CM

Consumer group says CM must realise that Penang’s natural resources are being destroyed and projected ridership won't be that high.

Adieu, white knight of the consumer and the poor

CAP president SM Mohd Idris wanted Malaysians to be more aware consumers and led the way by living a simple, nature-loving life.

Enact ‘lemon laws’ to protect car buyers, says CAP

With mounting complaints of car defects coming in, the consumer group says there is no legal redress currently for complainants.

Act against Penang city council, officers over Bukit Kukus landslide, says...

If the city council and officers and others involved in the project walk away scot free, it will only promote impunity, says consumer group.

CAP scoffs at ‘excuses’ of trade groups for protesting smoking ban

The consumer group supports the government ban on smoking at all eateries and hopes the sale of cigarettes at eateries will stop, too.

Minister: Yes, keep receipts to detect unfair post-SST price hikes

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail says the receipts are tangible proof that can help the ministry bring errant traders to book.

Suspend Penang Transport Master Plan pending review, says CAP

The consumer body says the state government has misplaced priorities.

Penang NGO members hug trees, protest plans to cut them down

Residents’ association in Tanjung Bungah wants Penang Island City Council to preserve trees.

Easy access to loans contributes to bankruptcy, says consumers group

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) says many financial institutions do not cross-check applicants' backgrounds before approving loans.

Penang landslide: Residents tell state govt, ‘We told you so’

Tanjung Bungah Residents' Association now wants urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry into all hill slope developments in Penang.

Why do toll rebates change with different festivals?

Consumer groups question the logic used by PLUS.

Why the no-fault-liability scheme is efficient and fair

This reader argues why the no-fault-liability (NFL) scheme is far more superior than liability insurance.

Stop making Ramadan a month of gluttony and wasteful spending

SWCorp has reported that every Ramadan 200,000 tonnes of food enough to feed 180 million people is thrown away.

CAP hails Penang’s effort at reducing water wastage

Consumers association says people have been taking water for granted for long enough.

Renewed call to ban sodas in schools and hospitals

In the face of high obesity rates, proponents of good health are requesting that Malaysia follow USCF's footsteps by banning sugary drinks in schools, hospitals and campuses.

Budget ideas: Economists call for realism

They say suggestions by consumer bodies can be too idealistic.

CAP slams lack of child-resistant caps in Tesco product

CAP President S M Mohamed Idris claims the company seems to accord Malaysian children a lower standard of care.

Idris: UTM V-C will resolve Titas slide issue

Higher Education Minister receives assurance from UTM vice-chancellor on corrective steps over issue of lecture slides derogatory to Hindu and Sikh communities.

Ban glyphosate-based pesticides, urges CAP

Despite ban in other countries, Agriculture Ministry's Pesticide Board allows it to be used because 'it is only a probable cancer-causing agent', says CAP chief

CAP: Consumers end up paying more for online tickets

Consumers’ Association of Penang claims most airlines do not display 'what you see is what you get' airfares, with many forced to pay add-ons they do not want.

CAP: Who is monitoring mercury use?

Children, especially, must be educated on the dangers of playing with the liquid heavy metal, says Consumers' Association of Penang President SM Mohamed Idris.

CAP calls for ban on talc-based products

These products, including talcum powder, are linked to ovarian cancer and respiratory problems, says S M Mohamed Idris.