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Tag: contamination

In Germany, activists battle food waste with dumpster diving

Hundreds of activists across Germany still choose to carry on in the hope that they can force the industry to take action to end food waste.

Europe stops taking piped Russian oil due to contamination

The Russian oil halt comes at a critical time for a global oil market that has been hit by restrictions on oil supplies from several countries.

Putrajaya proposes 600,000-tonne monthly limit for bauxite exports

A draft on bauxite mining SOP also spells out buffer zones between mining sites and residential areas.

Australian state offers US$70,000 reward as strawberries sabotaged with needles

The police have said that six brands of strawberries in Australia are believed to be contaminated with needles and pins.

Contaminated milk powder not sold in Malaysia, says health DG

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says the Dumex Mamil Gold-Step 1 formula was produced in Malaysia for export to Singapore.

Made in Fukushima: Japan farmers struggle to win trust

While radiation affected several regions which have their own testing processes, Fukushima's programme is the most systematic, testament to the particularly severe reputational damage it suffered.

J&J jury awards US$4.14 billion punitive damages over talc cancer

J&J knew its talc products were contaminated with asbestos and kept this information from reaching the public, Mark Lanier, the plaintiffs’ lawyer told jurors in closing arguments Wednesday.

Garbage piles up in US as China closes door to recycling

China claims that recycled materials from the US are contaminated.

UK police in protective suits investigate latest Novichok poisoning

Counter-terrorism detectives stepped up their investigation into how two people were exposed to the nerve agent Novichok.

Belgian prosecutors raid food safety agency over egg scare

Last year, some eggs were found to have been contaminated with fipronil.

Toxic levels of arsenic in Amazon basin well water, study says

Apart from arsenic, Amazon basin well water is also contaminated by excessive amounts of manganese and aluminium.

Water at Japan’s new Tsukiji fish market contaminated, official says

Groundwater in the market area was contaminated with benzene.

Health DG: Viral message on water contamination not true

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says based on checks, there had been no reports of an increase in food poisoning cases in the Klang Valley.

Why the majority of makeup consumers avoid the tester tubes

Most beauty fans prefer to virtually try on any potential makeup purchases using a digital platform -- especially when it comes to lipstick.

Residents fume over Syabas schedule

Subang Jaya residents unhappy that Syabas deploys tankers when most "able-bodied" residents are at work.

Water cuts in Selangor again after contamination

'Odour pollution' results in closure of Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant.

Expert proposes three options to overcome water woes

Dr Zaki Zainudin says the authorities must address contamination and water disruption issues immediately.