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Mahathir dumbfounded how PAS and ‘kafir’ Umno can work together

The prime minister downplays Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s reassurance that the cooperation between the two parties will not be solely based on race or religion.

Jokowi moots cooperation or even merger of Petronas, Pertamina

The Indonesian president says the two state oil companies should collaborate or even combine to become a big enterprise with more capacity, capital and equity.

Declare Umno an Islamic party before forging pact, Dr M tells...

The PH chairman says this was because PAS had previously declared Umno members as being infidels.

For PAS veterans, Umno still the ‘old Umno’, says Youth leader

Deputy Kedah PAS Youth chief Nasrun Othman says there must be a proper understanding of the PAS-Umno alliance before the next general election.

Umno-PAS pact won’t sideline non-Muslims, Tok Mat assures

The acting Umno president says Umno and PAS are merely coming together on the same platform in the interest of uniting the Muslims.

We won’t work with ‘traders of Islam’, says PPBM in dismissing...

PPBM chief strategist Rais Hussin says PAS trades in Islam and its leaders will do anything for its survival.

Mahathir told the truth about PAS’ support for Umno, says Muhyiddin

The PPBM president says the Islamist party has trapped itself in its own ruse.

No need for PPBM to come to Sabah, says Shafie

Warisan and PPBM are like siblings but we can take care of matters and Bumiputeras in the state, says the chief minister.

Nothing wrong in Umno-PAS by-election pact, says MCA

Different political parties have collaborated in the past to defeat their opponents and there is nothing new in what Umno and PAS are doing, says MCA president Wee Ka Siong.

Work closely with political leaders, Sultan Nazrin urges civil servants

Civil servants should counsel and give the best findings to political leaders, he says.

Analyst: PAS’ defeat in GE14 nothing to do with social media

Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid says it was PAS' perceived ties with Umno which dragged the party down.

Tread lightly, PAS not as stupid as Umno, PH told

Klang MP Charles Santiago says the Islamist party is a force to be reckoned with and should not be overlooked.

PAS won’t turn a blind eye to Umno’s sins, says deputy...

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says the party will help those who seek to reform their ways.

Don’t go overboard in wooing Umno, PAS delegate tells leaders

Zulkarnain Hassan says the party should not compromise on its principles when forming an alliance with other parties.

PAS-Umno cooperation to be decided at muktamar, says analyst

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff also expects heated debates among delegates over the matter.

Umno-PAS alliance is not mere rhetoric, says Zahid

Umno president says people can expect more from PAS-Umno alliance in the future.

PAS, Umno publicly endorse single candidate for Seri Setia by-election

PAS election director Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir says there is no longer any need to support candidates of either party 'stealthily'.

Mahathir: PH guarantees justice for all after ‘second independence’

Prime minister says Pakatan Harapan government will use a better approach to create more jobs and business opportunities.

Seri Setia by-election a litmus test for PAS, Umno, say analysts

While leaders of the two parties have set aside their differences, it remains to be seen if PAS and Umno supporters have bought into their cooperation.

How taming the Mekong could give China unprecedented power

China, by far the biggest power in the region, and where the Mekong starts up in the Tibetan plateau, is increasingly using its economic clout to secure its broader aims.

Umno-PAS cooperation not able to challenge PH yet, say analysts

The low turnout in Sungai Kandis could also be the result of a silent protest by supporters of both Umno and PAS, one of the analyts says.

Easy for the people to choose now in Seri Setia, says...

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail says the cooperation between PAS and Umno is now clear, and that he hopes they will be an effective opposition bloc.

Sanctions push unified Korea teams to go no-brand at Asian

Nuclear-armed North Korea is under multiple UN sanctions for its weapons programme and banned from importing luxury goods including sports equipment

UK halts cooperation with US over IS suspects

The move follows concerns that the suspects could be sentenced to death.