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Tag: Corporal Punishment

All good between teacher and student in caning row

The two parties apologised after a meeting arranged by a Johor state exco.

Psychologist spells out ill effects of caning

The best way of instilling discipline is to reward good behaviour, says Intan Hashimah of USM.

Father arrested in Japan for using stun gun to discipline children

More than 50 countries mostly in Europe have laws prohibiting corporal punishment of children in the home, which some researchers say is an ineffective form of discipline.

Controversy over South Korean ban on corporal punishment at home

A law allowing South Korean parents to physically discipline their children is to be scrapped, prompting controversy in a country where hierarchical family values still predominate.

Caning students is ‘derogatory punishment’ under UN convention

Uncat committee willing to work with the government to do away with corporal punishment.

Tahfiz body insists caning a last resort

Punishment meted out to students who are lazy, unfocused, and who fail to memorise or comply with other requirements, says association for tahfiz schools.

Unicef urges corporal punishment ban, in light of Thaqif’s death

It's a misperception that physical punishment is the only way to instil discipline among children, says Unicef spokesperson in Malaysia.

Never use the rod, says child rights activist

According to James Nayagam, corporal punishment is abuse and against the law.

Hands off my child

Many mothers don't want teachers to cane their children.

Caning can backfire, says child rights activist

James Nayagam claims that a soft approach to disciplining students can produce better results.

Spare the rod, Suhakam urges teachers, parents

Human rights commission says Govt should protect children by rejecting corporal punishment in schools.