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4 foreign cosplayers arrested in festival raid

Immigration says the foreigners did not have the proper permits.

Spiderman, swinging through the cancer wards helping sick children smile

Along came a spider, but unusually this is one everybody welcomes.

Setor talian jual topeng muka, tubuh silikon untuk ‘cosplay’

Eyung Crossdressing menjual sarung tubuh badan wanita silikon yang diperkenalkan dalam pelbagai saiz dan bentuk termasuk saiz payudara.

‘Cosplay killer’ sentenced to death over 2013 murder

High Court finds Poon Wai Hong guilty of murdering teenage cosplay enthusiast Ng Yuk Tim and disposing of her remains in a suitcase.

Malaysian student in Spider-Man costume falls to death while taking selfie

Lee Yang Hao is believed to have been trying to take a selfie while posing from the roof of his dormitory at the Dayeh University in Taiwan, say reports from Taiwan.

It’s not about the money, say world-renowned cosplayers

‘Chihiro’, ‘Liui’, and ‘Hikarin’, as they are known to their thousands of fans, were in Kuala Lumpur for Comic Fiesta 2017.

Thousands flock to KLCC for Comic Fiesta

The 2017 edition of Comic Fiesta attracted fans from all over Malaysia and beyond.

Peminat anime di Malaysia peraga ‘cosplay’ berhijab

Kira-kira 20 wanita berhijab memperagakan busana watak animasi di satu acara 'cosplay' di ibu negara

Cosplay with hijabs showcase in Malaysia

Around 20 women showcased their love for anime with elaborate make-up and costumes while still wearing their traditional hijab at an event in Kuala Lumpur.