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Tag: Cost of Living

Budget 2020 must brace for rough seas, says prominent economist

MIER warns of challenges posed by slow growth, US-China tensions and global uncertainties.

Saifuddin announces petrol subsidy programme for B40

The programme will be implemented in January next year and is expected to benefit about 2.9 million people.

Govt to rope in co-ops to tackle rising prices of goods

The deputy prime minister says the cooperatives, with a membership of 6.1 million, can play a role in helping to manage the rising cost of living.

Anwar hopes govt rethinks decision not to pay ‘duit Raya’ to...

The Port Dickson MP says settlers' grouses are real.

PH government good so far, but could be much better

It may be too much to expect a stronger turnaround so soon, but where there is resistance to transformation and change for the better, the government has to be tougher.

Makeshift stalls show PH failed to address people’s woes, says Umno

Youth leader Shahril Hamdan says life has become more difficult for people in Rantau in the 10-month period of Pakatan Harapan rule.

Nothing political but we’re feeling the pinch, say Rantau grocers

Grocers and food stall owners in Rantau say things have been getting more expensive and their profit margins have been going down.

Govt should tackle rising cost of food items, but so can...

Barjoyai Bardai suggests issuing more import permits for food items, adding that consumers can work together to put pressure on prices.

Government to study high cost of living despite low inflation rate

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says a committee has been formed between the finance ministry and the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry to study the matter.

Rafidah, Jomo and banker Tay appointed to Economic Action Council

Dr Mahathir Mohamad will chair the new body which will look into economic and financial matters and the problems faced by the people.

Higher diesel price bad for Sabahans, says SAPP

SAPP deputy president Richard Yong urges PH government to stabilise diesel prices to help boost sluggish economy.

Economist explains high cost of living despite low inflation

Yeah Kim Leng says scarcity and demand will keep prices from going down.

Workers not to blame for productivity woes

Raising salaries would only result in an increase in cost of living if all other costs remained constant, which is not the case.

Dr M: Govt pushing for cashless society to reduce bribery and...

The My100 and My50 unlimited travel pass for public transportation launched by the PM today is one of the many initiatives by the government in moving towards a cashless society.

Pak Lah and Najib left us a bloated civil service, says...

The prime minister says during his 15-year absence from the government, his successors took in another 600,000 civil servants.

Malaysia needs a national financial education strategy

The ability to deal effectively with money and financial matters is becoming increasingly important for those responsible for managing their financial affairs.

Mid-Term Review: Putrajaya to build ‘resilient and sustainable’ Bumiputera economic community

Mid-term review report says while the government plans to further improve the lot of Bumiputeras, it will also attend to the needs of other communities, including the Orang Asli.

Hadi thanks Dr M for return of oil royalties to K’tan,...

PAS president says this will revive the spirit of federalism weakened in the past.

New minimum wage goes against PH manifesto, says DAP man

Klang MP Charles Santiago says with the increment of only RM50, it will be impossible for the government to raise the minimum wage to RM1,500 within five years as promised.

BR1M needs to stop due to elements of bribery, says Azmin

The minister says a new initiative is being drafted to focus on the welfare of the people.

High salaries don’t make a country rich, says Dr M

The prime minister says there is no point in an increase in salaries if purchasing power remains low.

Reduce food prices and empower consumers to tackle cost of living

The government needs to undertake programmes and policies to bring down costs while consumers need to better manage their consumption and finances in this challenging economic environment.

Who benefits from the zero-rated GST?

Prices should come down at every stage after the GST was zero-rated, but in some cases, they have gone up instead.

PBS takes neutral stand on repeal of GST

PBS secretary-general Johnny Mositun says party is concerned about decline in tax revenue but will give federal government chance to prove itself.