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Malaysia won’t pay to return imported waste

Those responsible for sending the waste should pay the fine and collect back the waste, says minister Yeo Bee Yin.

Focus on ‘Repairs, Replace and Restore’ of health equipment, urges Guan...

The finance minister questions the point of building new health facilities if existing ones are not taken care of and deteriorate in quality.

4 tips to buying the right adult diapers

Keep in mind that when choosing an adult diaper, you are satisfying a medical need – something you definitely shouldn’t be skimping money on.

ECRL project back on track, announcement expected tomorrow

A source close to the project says a high-level Malaysian team is in Beijing to tie up loose ends.

Perform haj only if you can afford it, Mujahid tells pilgrims

The minister says reducing the subsidy will help the government reduce RM400 million in costs.

10 smart ways to cut wedding costs

Most couples want their weddings to be grand but having a budget and sticking to it is always the wiser decision.

Evaluate your clothes by the ‘cost per wear’ method

The cost per wear method relates the number of times you will wear a piece of clothing to the amount of money you will spend on it.

In Saudi weddings, small is the new beautiful

Weddings in the oil-rich kingdom are typically lavish affairs, with a bulging guest list which is seen both as a social obligation and a symbol of affluence.

The cost of studying in the UK: Part 2

Choosing a university outside London will cost you less as will shopping with a student card and buying groceries from a hypermarket.

APEC’s future in doubt after costly summit failure

The two-day gathering in Papua New Guinea was almost five years in the making, cost untold millions of US dollars and required the deployment of at least one battleship and three cruise liners.

Why we can’t stop spending money

Price consultants advise companies about product pricing. And with advances in technology, it is pretty darn hard to beat them at their game.

Azmin part of committee to review MRT2 project

Economic affairs minister says the committee will re-examine the project and will hold its first meeting soon.

3 things to know about the cost of braces in Malaysia

Costs differ according to type of braces, and whether you go to a GP or a specialist. Bear in mind the incidental costs as well.

Mahathir needs more time to decide on ECRL’s future, says Azmin

He says the ECRL project must create value and be beneficial to people, especially in the 'highly untenable' economic situation now.

BMW drives to cut battery costs, share costs on autonomous vehicles

BMW management board member Klaus Froehlich said automakers and large suppliers are beginning to discuss how to agree on one standard for autonomous-vehicle systems.

RM10 billion price tag for ECRL doesn’t add up, says Najib

The former prime minister asks if the new sum quoted for the construction of the ECRL is realistic, and compares its cost with similar projects in neighbouring countries.

Understanding the reluctant senior who resists your care

Instead of scolding them, be patient and understand that seniors who require care have valid reasons to reject it initially.

1MDB files application to sell superyacht Equanimity

The application was made as no lawyer has appeared for the yacht owners to challenge the warrant of arrest and declaration sought by 1MDB.

On hospital cleaners, contracts and benefits

Most cost breakdowns of cleaning contracts do not include the provision of paid annual and medical leave.

I don’t know how much local elections cost, admits Zuraida

The housing and local government minister says her ministry is still reviewing the cost after earlier saying it is too costly to hold local elections now.

Putrajaya and the public transport challenge

The transport minister should undertake a review of public transport provisions for Putrajaya before talking about other massive rail projects.

Colgate-Palmolive to raise prices as raw materials costs surge

Chief Executive Ian Cook said Colgate had started raising prices around the world, and expects to see a modest improvement in second-half pricing.

Judge tells US to pay costs of reuniting migrant families

US judge ordered the government to pay the costs of reuniting immigrant parents with their children after they were separated by officials at the US-Mexican border.

Smaller stations, fewer trains see RM15 billion off LRT3 price tag

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the final cost of RM16.63 billion was approved by the Cabinet yesterday.