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Tag: counselling

UKM says it is constantly monitoring PhD student Nur Fitri

The university says it is being furnished with psychological reports and updates on the student's mental health.

No charges for suicide hotline Befrienders come August

Befrienders is a non-profit organisation that provides emotional support 24/7 to the distressed and the suicidal.

Australian model sentenced to probation in air rage incident

A US judge has ordered Adau Mornyang to perform 100 hours of community service and to undergo mental health and alcohol abuse counselling.

Jail should be last resort, says drug policy reform advocate

Samantha Chong says if a youth has a drug use disorder, treatment and counselling should be better.

Committee to manage toxic waste to be set up

DoE says committee's functions will be to decide on any issues related to toxic waste management in the future.

Mandatory counselling being considered for parents of drug addicts

The national anti-drug agency hopes that once such sessions are made compulsory, parents will know more about how to help their children.

Don’t belittle counselling, Yeoh urges MPs

The deputy women, family and community development minister says if MPs themselves feel there is no need for counselling, it will be difficult to go out and tell people to end the stigma

Scouts Australia sorry for child sex abuse victims

The youth group is among several organisations that have joined a national redress scheme to support victims with counselling, psychological care and financial payments.

Counselling is not a sign of failure, says Yeoh

The deputy women, family and community development minister wants counselling to be mainstream, accessible and affordable.

PAS is tarnishing image of Islam

Many PAS clerics still have a warped mentality of the feudal age where harsh punishment was the only means to deter people from committing personal sins.

Counselling a must for parents, child bride, says expert

Psychologist Hilwa Abdullah says such cases usually involve cash-strapped families, and that targeted aid needs to be given to them.

Doctors endorse counseling of children, young adults to prevent skin cancer

The proposed counselling would include advice on sunscreen use, protective clothing, protection against UV rays, and adequate amounts of sun exposure.

Education ministry to study NUTP’s code of ethics

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid says the proposed code of ethics is aimed at fostering better ties between teachers and parents.

Parents in child abuse cases may be compelled to attend counselling

Minister Rohani Abdul Karim says the move is aimed at ensuring that such cases will not recur, besides serving as a lesson to the parents.

Muslim man in Kelantan booked for wearing shorts in public

State Religious Affairs Department says the 30-year old must attend a counselling session for exposing his knees in public or face a RM1,000 fine.

Expert: Teach kids to spot irrational behaviour in teachers

UKM clinical psychologist says parents need to reason out with children on what are 'acceptable emotions' to help detect anger management issues among teachers.

Distraught wife of kidnapped pastor undergoing counselling

Jonathan Koh, 32, says his mother is currently in Singapore as the pastor's kidnapping has deeply affected her.

1-year suspension will deny bullies an education, says prof

Expert in family law, women and children says bullies should continue their schooling, regardless of the offence they have committed.

Islamic State: 4 S’poreans dealt with under ISA

Two were issued with Orders of Detention while the other two were issued with Restriction Orders.

Credit counselling agency helps 10,480 people out of debt

Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency CEO Azaddin Ngah Tasir says the majority of people seeking help are those aged 32 to 45.

Families of helicopter victims to receive counselling

Minister Rohani says counselling for the families is very important to prepare them to accept the loss of their loved ones forever.

Give positive spin to youth counselling, says MP

Support systems currently available are too minimal, according to Charles Santiago.