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Tag: Counter-Terrorism

China tells foreign envoys its efforts in Xinjiang should be applauded

China is stepping up its diplomatic outreach over controversial camps in the heavily Muslim region, inviting more foreign diplomats to visit as it seeks to head off criticism.

Indonesian security forces abseil down high-rise in Asian Games drill

Special forces simulated a militant attack and a hostage situation at the main stadium complex after the Muslim-majority country suffered its deadliest militant attacks in more than a decade in May.

Dismantling Saudi peace centre fine, but Mat Sabu must keep good...

Analysts agree that the King Salman Centre for International Peace promoted by the Najib government is not a good partnership for Malaysia in its fight against terrorism.

Islamist prisoners kill five Indonesian counter-terrorism police

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the killings.

Malaysia, Indonesia checking on captured IS women in Syria

Both nations are investigating FMT report on 16 of their citizens, some with children, detained by Kurds for being part of the Islamic State.

Analyst: Anti-terror centre’s dual role may be hard to fulfill

New counter-messaging effort may succeed in monitoring suspicious activities but fail in intelligence gathering, or vice-versa, if it's not focused, says analyst.

Report: IS sympathisers pose threat to Malaysia, region

A journal on counter-terrorism trends states there are still thousands of online Islamic State sympathisers whose activities may lead to a 'virtual caliphate'.

Nur Jazlan: Cops foiled 19 terror plots in 5 years

Deputy home minister says Malaysia is leaving no stone unturned in fight against terrorism with 369 IS suspects arrested, including 87 foreigners from 2013 to 2017.

IGP: Malaysia safe for tourists

Inspector-General of Police Fuzi Harun says cooperation with neighbouring countries is effective in curbing any terrorism activities.

Help stem movement of IS militants, urges US official

US counter-terrorism official Nathan Sales says Asean nations must be mindful of foreign fighters’ taking their fight elsewhere after losing in Marawi, Philippines.

Fewer requests by Putrajaya for FB user data, says Facebook

The numbers are down by 20% from the corresponding period last year.

Expert: Malaysian IS fighters unlikely to return home

Malaysians fighting in the Middle East and southern Philippines more likely to stay on rather than face capture here, he says.

Malaysia belum selamat sepenuhnya dari IS, kata pakar anti-keganasan

Ancaman serangan perseorangan dan perekrutan secara online masih boleh berlaku.

Analyst: Malaysia remains vulnerable despite robust anti-terror efforts

Threats from lone wolf attacks and digital recruitment are still possible in the country, he says.

Asean coooperation key to anti-terror efforts, says think tank

Inter-agency and state-to-state cooperation is best, not military action, says security expert from Institute of Strategic and International Studies.

Videos of IS defectors used to expose truth about terrorism

They will have subtitles in 21 languages, including Malay, to bring across the message to sympathisers.

‘Indonesian terrorist held in Marawi radicalised in Malaysia’

A source says Muhammad Ilham Syahputra may have been recruited in Malaysia when he worked for an air cargo company.

Did foreign fighters enter south Philippines from Malaysia?

Esscom to verify this news report and is also closely monitoring route of planned ferry service between Kudat and Palawan.

Malaysian likely leader for regional IS

Revelation by Malaysian police that the Sabahan Amin Baco is Isnilon’s son-in-law makes him the stronger candidate as new IS emir for the region.

Expert warns of ‘barricade-style’ terror attacks in region

Such hostage-taking raids on buildings will become the aim of Islamic State militants in Southeast Asia, says National War College professor Zachary Abuza.

Ayob Khan: IS tidak perlu pangkalan untuk rekrut anggota

IS kini mengeksploitasi media sosial untuk merekrut, menyebarkan ideologi dan menghasut anggota baharu supaya melancarkan serangan di negara masing-masing.

Asean nations must brace themselves for small-scale IS attacks

Pawel Wojcik, an analyst on terrorism issues says the use of such warfare is not a recent development as it has been favoured by the Islamic State for a long time.

Expert: Malaysians among members of IS channel created by arsonist

The Telegram channel was developed by one of two IS supporters who were shot dead after setting a police station in Indonesia on fire.

Malaysia, Interpol to conduct ops against entry of foreign terrorists

Operation Maharlika will be carried out together with the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei.