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Tag: counterfeit

Turkey seizes US$271 mil in counterfeit US currency

5 people are arrested in a raid carried out in Istanbul's Esenyurt neighbourhood.

China police smash US$30m fake Lego ring

Four people were arrested in the raid and confiscated many equipment to manufacture fake Legos.

Suspects caught for counterfeiting to be charged under Amla

They will no longer be able to get off by just paying fines.

Trump signs order aimed at stopping counterfeit online sales

The order requires the Homeland Security Department to provide recommendations on how to address the problem.

Amazon: Huge vendor purge to fight fakes

Amazon selectively reinstated some accounts, apologising for 'any inconvenience' caused by the 'temporary pause' in orders.

‘Ababis’ and ‘Star Wnrs’: Knockoffs thrive in China e-commerce

While the majority of products sold are genuine, imitations abound.

Counterfeit goods worth RM1.26 mil destroyed in Penang

Among the items disposed of were women's clothing and accessories, CDs, shoes and children’s toys.

Billion ringgit contraband trade can only end if govt agencies work...

Former enforcement officer Guna Selan says expecting only the Customs to fight menace is expecting the impossible.

Fake medicines flourish in Africa despite killing thousands

Every year, counterfeit medicine kills around 100,000 people in Africa.

Police: Viral photos of cash just fake money used in movie

The two photos circulating on social media show a pile of cash stuffed in a container and placed on a trolley.

BNM denies existence of high-quality counterfeit banknotes

Central Bank says counterfeit banknotes are of low quality and can be easily distinguished from genuine banknotes through the sense of touch and sight.

Counterfeit money: Cops detain 3 suspects

They seize laptops, printing machines and counterfeit notes in raid on hotel room in Kuching.