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Tag: Court of Appeals

New York’s highest court refuses to free chimps from cages

The state of New York's Court of Appeals let stand a June 2017 ruling by an intermediate state appeals court in Manhattan that chimpanzees are not legal persons.

Lindsay Lohan loses ‘Grand Theft Auto’ appeal

Lindsay Lohan had previously accused Take-Two Interactive Software Inc of invading her privacy by including characters in "Grand Theft Auto V" which she claimed were based on her.

Friday sermon in Selangor defends fatwa on naming illegitimate children

The Selangor Islamic Department says naming an illegitimate Muslim child after the biological father can lead to bigger problems as his guardianship is not valid in Islam.

Kedah Malay reserve land mortgage issue resolved

With a single stroke, the Kedah executive council declared that financial institutions established under Malaysian law are 'Malay', thus enabling the banks to accept Malay reserve land as security.

Amicable settlement sought in Glenmarie shooting lawsuit

Court of Appeal advises families of three youths shot dead by policemen, the police and government, to explore the possibility of settling the case amicably.

‘Transgenders not challenging Islam’

A lawyer says transgenders are not challenging Islam but instead are challenging the legislative laws that discriminate them

‘Transgenders mentally sick and can be cured’

The Negeri Sembilan legal adviser insists that Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is curable ignoring Health Ministry medical records that it is a life-long condition.

Archived: July 21 decision on Jill Ireland’s ‘Allah’ case

The same Judge earlier ruled in another ‘Allah’ case that she was bound by the Court of Appeal's ruling that the word ‘Allah’ is not integral to the Christian faith.

Cross dressing law unconstitutional, says lawyer

Court of Appeal told that Section 66 of the Syariah enactment discriminates and denies the transgender community their fundamental liberties.

Catholic church files for leave to appeal

A lawyer said the church has raised 26 questions of law in the leave application to appeal to the Federal Court