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Tag: courts

Sweden rebuffs Trump over charges on US rapper

A spokesman for the Swedish government says they will not get involved in the case.

Reinstate price variation clause in contracts, builders urge govt

The price variation clause will protect contractors from fluctuating prices of construction materials, such as steel and cement.

Britain’s Kate darts out to the cheap seats at Wimbledon

Kate Middleton joins the crowd at the outside courts to watch a British wildcard competing in Wimbledon.

RCI on alleged judiciary abuse will start soon, says PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad shoots down suggestion by a retired judge to have an internal inquiry instead to look into the claims.

Provide guidelines to judges for sentencing, urges lawyer

Long jail term will be illogical while whipping beyond 24 times is against the law, says A Srimurugan.

Frenchman in Penang charged with threatening neighbour

Court orders Sylvain Vidal's passport to be impounded pending a hearing before a magistrate.

Business as usual for courts during RCI probe, says AG

Tommy Thomas says the RCI does not mean that an automatic or blanket postponement of all cases will follow.

Three years later, India’s bankruptcy reform languishes in courts

The nine months set for the process has now stretched to more than one and a half years, leaving creditors still not knowing how much of their money will be returned.

How independent are our judges?

The shocking revelation by a judge that he was reprimanded for a dissenting judgment again throws the spotlight on the judiciary and how far it is independent.

Azalina worried over PH-linked individuals getting off criminal charges

The judiciary has to remain independent from interference from any quarters, says the former de facto law minister.

Putrajaya questions why KL court toilets not cleaned

Deputy Minister Hanipa Maidin says he has asked for a written report and will not tolerate any cover-up.

Mujahid insists child marriage will be banned despite protest from PAS

The minister says guidelines drawn up for shariah courts were just a 'short-term' effort.

Penang to pursue appeal against EC’s boundary redrawing

Lawyer Leong Cheok Keng says the state will continue with its legal challenge despite returning to power and being aligned with Putrajaya.

Cabinet to get SOP on child marriages

The standard operating procedure, to be submitted by the DPM, must be followed by the Shariah Court when giving approval to such cases.

EU piles pressure on Poland over court independence

The EU wants Poland to step back from contested judicial reforms they say put its courts under more political control.

Lawyer: Let courts decide if Musa or Shafie legally appointed CM

Bastian Pius Vendargon says the judge will have to interpret the Sabah state constitution and find an answer to the dispute.

Shock in court as accused presents ‘MyKad’

Judge sends accused for a mental assessment after he produces a hand-drawn picture of himself when asked for his IC.

Culture of postponement creeping back into judicial system, says CJ

Raus Sharif says there should be no postponement of cases except in the event of death or near death situations.

How many deaths, and how many rapes are too many?

Authorities need to sit down with key players and come up with a way to tackle the abuse of foreign workers.

A year in jail for man who kicked his wife

Despatch rider, 35, also threatened her by saying 'I'll make you sorry for the rest of your life'.

Court yet to hear PPBM’s RoS review bid despite urgency request

PPBM lawyer Rosli Dahlan says the party has been told the court administration is having difficulty determining who can hear the matter.

1,800 auctioneers left out of e-Lelong

Their future looks bleak with new amendments to the 2012 Rules of Court which leave them out of the online system of conducting property auctions.

End culture of postponing cases, urges chief justice

Raus Sharif says judges should conduct case management well to ensure cases are heard and decided without delay.

Bersih: Court decision on Segamat army voters a blow to democracy

The NGO says the court should have considered all factors and given priority to the Federal Constitution as the decision opens the gates to electoral fraud.