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Kerajaan berhak pindah RM1 bilion dari akaun kontraktor China, kata PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, wang itu dibayar untuk 80% kerja bagi projek saluran paip, tetapi hanya 13% kerja diselesaikan.

Not my orders, Guan Eng says on RM1 bil transfer from...

The finance minister says neither he nor his ministry issued any such instruction.

Malaysia sita RM1 bilion dibayar pada kontraktor China, kata laporan

Akhbar Singapura melaporkan HSBC diberitahu memindahkan wang dalam akaun bank China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Ltd kepada Suria Strategic Resources Sdn Bhd milik Kementerian Kewangan.

We understand, China firm says after Putrajaya scraps pipeline projects

China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co Ltd acknowledges the government's move to scrap the MPP and TSGP projects based on economic and financial reasons.

Cambodia ruling party sweeps parliament after vote with no opposition

The strongman has been in power for 33 years but the vote late last month was widely decried as a sham after a crackdown on the rival Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP).

Cambodia PM slams opposition vote boycott, challenges critics

The CPP has pointed to what it says was a solid election turnout as proof of the country's sound democratic process where more than 82% of those registered to vote cast their ballots.

China firm insists no link to 1MDB debt payments

China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co Ltd says all payments made are aboveboard and that Tony Pua’s claims are baseless.

Minister denies Sabah oil and gas blocks collateralised for China loan

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says the project will be funded by a soft loan of RM4.53 billion from Exim Bank of China, which will be guaranteed by the federal government.