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Teen charged with murdering Cradle Fund CEO didn’t look sad, says...

Former police corporal Nur Ronal Ardes Amir also says she saw the teenager bleeding in his hand.

Fireman now says it’s a tear, not holes, on Cradle CEO’s...

Stanley Sigau Nyala agrees it is his assumption that Nazrin Hassan was 'hit' on the head.

Cradle Fund CEO had holes on head, fireman tells court

According to the fireman, there were also burn marks on the victim's face, chest and right leg

Cops lied to teen accused of Cradle Fund CEO murder, court...

Defence lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah read a police report lodged by one of the three accused.

Remaja didakwa bunuh CEO Cradle Fund lapor polis bohong, kata peguam

Seorang tertuduh berusia 14 tahun membuat laporan polis pada 22 Sept tahun lalu mendakwa dibohongi pegawai penyiasat semasa siasatan.

‘I couldn’t read widow’s expression when looking at charred remains’

Fireman Mohamad Afzan Majid says he was behind Samirah Muzaffar when she knelt down to look at what remained of her husband.

Watch, money missing after fire, Cradle Fund CEO’s murder trial told

Fireman also agrees with lawyer's suggestion that a handphone was missing in pictures of the scene taken by the police.

Widow looked ‘casual’, fireman tells Cradle Fund CEO murder trial

Fireman says he had never seen family members of fire victims so composed as Samirah Muzaffar.

I didn’t suspect foul play initially in Cradle CEO’s death, says...

Anestassia Chin Fat says she did not find any weapon, bloodstain or petrol in Nazrin Hassan's room.

I saw cuts on face, head injuries on Cradle Fund CEO,...

Assistant investigating officer says there were also burn marks on Nazrin Hassan’s left shoulder.

Saksi: Saya ambil 112 foto gali semula jenazah CEO Cradle Fund,...

Tetapi, Jamiliah Osman yang bekerja di pusat kawalan berkata, dia tidak mengambil butiran pemanggil bernama 'Chung Shan Hui' untuk memaklumkan kebakaran di rumah Nazrin Hassan.

Cradle Fund boss murder trial hears about Arsenal fans placing flowers

Nepalese guard Raju Kumar Pandit admits some visitors had laid flowers and Arsenal football jerseys at her home after a fire broke out.

Cop tells murder trial she received call on fire at Cradle...

Jamaliah Osman, who works at the Petaling Jaya police control centre, says she sent a patrol car to the scene.

I tried to break down door of Cradle Fund CEO’s bedroom,...

Nepali Raju Kumar Pandit says Samirah Muzaffar told him her husband was trapped inside the bedroom that was on fire.

Cop tells of lipstick scribbling in Nazrin’s house after 2015 break-in

Corporal Jumardi Mursalim says red lipstick was found on the blanket and mattress in the house.

Cradle Fund CEO killed, fire was deliberately lit, says DPP

Deputy public prosecutor Raja Rozela Raja Toran says in her opening statement that Nazrin Hassan died due to multiple blunt impact to the head.

Cradle Fund CEO murder case begins

60 prosecution witnesses to testify as trial commences more than a year after Nazrin Hassan was found dead in his bedroom.

60 witnesses to take stand in murder trial of Cradle Fund...

Nazrin Hassan's widow Samirah Muzaffar and three others are charged with his murder in June 2018.

Hearing of Cradle Fund murder case postponed

Wife of Cradle Fund boss and two teenage boys were to go on trial tomorrow but defence lawyers asked for new dates, says DPP.

Photos of first autopsy in Cradle Fund CEO murder to be...

Shah Alam High Court orders the prosecution to do so after the defence says it is not satisfied with quality of images it was given.

Court allows RM500,000 bail for Samirah in Cradle Fund CEO murder...

Apex court grants bail for Samirah Muzaffar, saying High Court erred in rejecting her application.

Balu CEO Cradle Fund sedia terima syarat ikat jamin terhad

Peguam, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah berkata, Samirah Muzaffar sedia tinggal dalam rumah sepanjang masa dan melapor diri di balai polis setiap hari sebagai sebahagian syarat ikat jamin

Widow of Cradle Fund CEO makes fresh bid for bail

Her lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, tells the court that she is willing to submit to strict bail conditions while awaiting trial.

Mahkamah tolak ikat jamin balu CEO Cradle Fund

Hakim memutuskan Samirah Muzaffar gagal menunjukkan alasan kepada mahkamah mengapa jaminan harus diberikan kepadanya.