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Activist tells how ‘Netflix murah’ accounts are sold

Current laws are not enough to deal with the demands of the cashless society, says Siraj Jalil.

The danger in paying only your credit card minimum

While sticking to the minimum will keep you from defaulting on your credit card debt payments, it does not improve your finances in any way.

Apple’s Goldman card launched in US with Uber cashback offer

Apple, which previously said only people shopping at Apple stores or buying its services would get 3% cashback, says other merchants and apps will eventually offer the deal.

Should your child have a credit card?

You can give your children a credit card as long as you stipulate the limits and exercise strict supervision at all times.

Apple, Goldman Sachs start issuing Apple Cards to consumers

Apple aims to draw in iPhone owners by offering a card with 2% cashback on purchases with the Apple Pay service, no fees, an app to manage related finances, and a focus on data privacy.

Common mistakes credit card holders commit

Excessive use of a credit card can lead to the financial catastrophe of debt.

How to overcome credit card addiction

Find out the symptoms of credit card addiction, and what steps you can take from a financial perspective to rehabilitate yourself.

Part 2: 10 important tips to steer clear of credit card...

Here are Tips 6-10 on how to make your credit card a benefit and not a threat to your financial health.

Part 1: 10 important tips to steer clear of credit card...

Here are Tips 1-5 on how to make your credit card a benefit and not a threat to your financial health.

5 reasons credit cards are better than cash

Besides being safer to carry around instead of cash, paying with credit cards means you get to enjoy free instalment plans and cashback… and there's more.

Fantastic credit card promotions in 2019

From airline tickets to dining to online shopping, there's a discount lurking just right around the corner for you in 2019.

Love to shop? Here’s how to choose the right credit card

Scrutinise their rewards programmes and ensure you get protection and insurance coverage. And don't forget customer service either.

Money do’s and dont’s this Christmas

Overspending during the holidays is the worst way to end the year. Here are some easy yet ingenious ways to keep to a budget when Christmas shopping.

5 tips to clear multiple credit card debts

Whether it's paying the minimum on your cards or clearing past dues, there are wise ways to settling your debts and preventing more from piling up.

11 financial goals you must set immediately

Financial goals are important to ensure you build wealth for future financial needs.

Shopback tips: How to make over RM2,000

Read on if you want to make loads of money in cashback incentives when you purchase mobile prepaid plans, pet food, makeup, books and more.

Merchantrade set to challenge banks

Homegrown company's Merchantrade Money prepaid cards are out to make credit and debit cards a thing of the past.

5 ways to have your dream wedding on a budget

From using credit cards instead of cash, to selling your wedding dress after the event, there are ways to get married while not breaking the bank.

Worrying when 38% of youths saddled with personal loans

Personal finance consists of four components - earnings; savings; investing; and preserving - and we have no choice but to do all four.

British Airways hacked with details of 380,000 bank cards stolen

The airline says it is probing into the theft of customer data.

Consumer group blames banks for high credit card debt among youth

The Consumers Association of Subang & Shah Alam says banks are not stringent enough when issuing credit cards.

5 ways to avoid the dangers of credit card debt

You must stop thinking of your credit card as free money but as a loan you must repay.

9 ways every family can save money

Going on that dream vacation with the family isn't out of reach if you inculcate the habit of saving a little wherever possible on a daily basis.

Money mistakes women must avoid to be financially savvy

Abusing your credit card, giving in to peer pressure and going on wild shopping sprees will eventually lead you to financial ruin.