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Tag: criminal

‘Weak link’ between childhood lead exposure and adult criminal behaviour

It was once believed that the correlation between lead exposure and committing crimes was much stronger than the actual figures indicate.

Cops rescue 17-year-old rape victim from gang

The girl was abducted a week ago and locked up in the storeroom of a house.

Send representatives to US over 1MDB action, Gobind tells AG

Gobind Singh says Malaysian representatives must participate in the US’ criminal probe into assets bought using money allegedly embezzled from 1MDB.

PAS urges govt to join in US probe into 1MDB

The government should take responsibility as 1MDB is now wholly owned by Minister of Finance Inc, says PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan.

PKR questions Khalid’s friendship with top suspect detained

The party says police officers must be aware of activities of those who associate with them.

Revive govt criminal legal aid scheme, says ex-Bar chief

Both the poor and young lawyers have benefitted from the programme, once touted as one of the best run in a developing nation, says Ragunath Kesavan.

Young lawyers shying away from doing criminal law

Senior lawyer says young lawyers under constant pressure over the consequences of losing their cases, especially those that involve the death penalty.

Arifin: Don’t blame courts for slow disposal of criminal cases

Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria laments the shortage of criminal lawyers, investigating officers and chemists.

Criminal high on wanted list shot dead in Ipoh

After a car chase, the suspect came out of his car and fired a shot that hit the bulletproof vest of a policeman pursuing him.

PAS wrong, hudud will affect non-Muslims, says MCA

Kelantan MCA leader says summons to outlet run by non-Muslims in Kota Baru mall proves Islamist party will take action against non-Muslims under shariah law.

Police must act on ‘colossal robbery’, says Ramasamy

DAP's P Ramasamy says it is unimaginable that police cannot take action against those committing financial atrocities in Malaysia when the authorities abroad can.