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Women who speak truth to power

Instead of criticising Nurul Izzah based on feudal obeisance to authority, let her be an example, especially to the opportunistic men who have lost their principles and integrity.

Shafie slams opposition’s alternative budget as wishful thinking

The chief minister says it is not only impractical but also unreasonable to implement.

DAP leadership puts foot down: No more accepting ‘Datukships’

The party’s central executive committee reiterates stand that DAP leaders should accept titles only after quitting politics.

Limit top wing posts to 3 terms, urges Umno Youth rep

Sabah delegate also says members must not be sacked for speaking out against leadership.

Consider the ‘adab’ of demanding for change

Democracy does not require compassion or kind words in criticising others, but it would reflect better on ourselves to show these values rather than act in a 'gangsterish' manner.

I didn’t want to chair the reform committee, says Abdul Rashid

The former EC chairman says the government probably appointed him based on his experience.

Human rights lawyer, PSM leader freed of sedition charges

Eric Paulsen and S Arutchelvan were acquitted of allegedly criticising Jakim and the judiciary.

BN leaders: Is CEP now the fourth branch of government?

Wee Ka Siong and Khairy Jamaluddin ask for clarification on status and powers of the Council of Eminent Persons, saying it should not overstep its advisory role.

AG’s Chambers to review all sedition charges

The review will be undertaken based on evidence and the current policy of the new Pakatan Harapan government, says government lawyer.

Anwar and I still good friends, says Kadir

The veteran newsman says he and Anwar Ibrahim have been friends for many years, and that their relationship has not been marred by the spat over the Agong's purported expenses.

Suaram slams eviction of 7 families from Penang low-cost flats

Suaram asks what state government had been doing over the past decade to prevent the housing shortage for the poor from escalating to its current state.

Dissolution of Jasa victimises staff, says director

Jasa director Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz says agency has an important role to play and that it has more than 1,100 staff, not all of whom are political appointees.

Supermax boss clears air on apology to Najib

Tycoon Thai says his past criticisms not targeted at Najib Razak’s administration but the policies of previous administrations and that his apology is not linked to his insider trading court case.

Report: Anti-fake news laws becoming trend in Asean

The Diplomat says several Asean nations are taking similar action as Malaysia, which has passed an anti-fake news law, and that these laws are aimed at preventing criticism of the government.

Donors help Penang BN pay RM13,000 fine to Penang council

State BN chief says he is prepared to pay fines from the Seberang Perai municipal council too for putting up posters illegally.

Home ministry to summon The Star editor

It says a show cause letter may be issued to the daily if the explanation given is not satisfactory.

Man detained for condemning PM on social media

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission detains man for making accusations against the prime minister.

Najib: I won’t criticise my successor openly

He says after retiring, he wishes to do a lot of things that he could not do when he was the leader, including playing football, writing books and visiting countries that he had never been to.

BN component calls on Putrajaya to respect freedom of expression

A healthy democracy will give people right to free speech, form independent opinions and express them, including criticisms against the government, says MCA Youth.