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Corn’s hellish week has US traders turning back to fields for...

After a government report sent US agriculture markets tumbling, projecting higher yields for the country's main crops than traders expected, grain-market watchers will be looking for a bit of ground truth. 

Amid floods and trade war, US farmers struggle to stay afloat

US farmers are facing a tough year and worry about their future, yet some still trust President Donald Trump.

US and 15 others slam EU regulation of farm products at...

The US and 15 other countries criticise the EU for its 'hazard-based' approach to regulating pesticides and other 'critical tools' used by farmers that is damaging livelihoods worldwide.

Crop traders take Trump’s China tariffs tweet with grain of salt

The latest announcement came after a disappointing week for crop bulls.

World seeing ‘catastrophic collapse’ of insects

Nearly half of all insect species worldwide are in rapid decline and a third could disappear altogether.

Philippine farmers risk death to save crops from killer typhoon

Residents of the storm's ground zero, in Baggao on the eastern flank of Luzon island, knew they would be hit full-force, but losing their livelihoods was a disaster they were willing to risk everything to prevent.

Study: Global warming will make insects hungrier, eating up key crops

Rising temperatures will stimulate insects' appetites, spelling danger for key staples like wheat, corn and rice which feed billions of people.

Drought forces Egypt to pay most for wheat since 2015

Major weather issues are affecting Europe and the Black Sea region, major suppliers of wheat to Egypt.

‘CEP proposes padi subsidy be expanded to other crops’

Farmers' Organisation Authority says the issue of low rice yields needs to be addressed as the government spends almost RM1 billion in rice subsidy annually.

Drought, armyworms cut Malawi corn crop by 19%, minister says

A drought and an armyworm invasion may also go on to damage some of Malawi's other important crops.

Monsanto develops product to deactivate controversial farm chemical

The product aims to stop farmers from accidentally using dicamba on plants which are not able to tolerate it.

Researchers warn ‘Ebola for plants’ hitting Africa’s cassava crop

The brown streak virus has ruined much of Africa's cassava crop.

Coffee conquers conflict for business-savvy farmers in the Philippines

CfP aims to encourage dialogue between communities, with tensions ranging from colonial-era conflict between native Muslims and Christian settlers to land and resource disputes between ethnic groups.

Arkansas judge rules six farmers can spray controversial chemical

Dicamba, a herbicide used on soybeans and cotton, is now allowed to be used in Arkansas.

Argentine soy, corn harvests begin with low yields reported

Due to a severe drought, the soy and corn crops in Argentina are currently producing yields well below average.

Pests, disease destroy a third of Mozambique crops, government says

Caterpillars and fruit flies have ruined much of Mozambique's corn, coconut, and banana crops.

Drought inflicts mounting losses to crops in South Africa’s Western Cape

The main crops affected by the drought are wheat, apples, grapes, and pears.

‘Noah’s Ark’ seed vault chalks up a million crop varieties

The Global Seed Vault has been collecting crop samples for 10 years.