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The cross-eyed people in our midst

Only in Malaysia can a person's faith be tested by symbols, pictures and what is read in a book.

‘Crossphobia’ viewed from an Islamic perspective

When some Muslims express discomfort about a huge cross on the side of a building, it does not mean that they are spiritually weak or lack confidence in their faith and it certainly does not mean that they are afraid of the cross.

Getting cross over a cross: Don’t give troublemakers any excuse

It is unclear why lighting in the image of a cross was displayed on an apartment in Penang but housing developers need to be sensitive to the situation in the nation.

Water tariff hike will help sustain demand until 2050, says Penang...

The chief minister says the extra money will be pumped into new projects to ensure there is no water rationing.

Lighting in form of cross: Penang govt awaits explanation from developer

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says the developer is currently testing facilities and with more lights switched on, the 'cross' disappears.

GE14 can be won by black swan events, says analyst

Political consultant says there are bound to be surprises in the last moments before polling.

‘False sense of security’ holding Malaysians back, says sociologist

Prof Syed Farid Alatas says Malaysians think their situation is not bad since there is no chaos and the shopping malls are full of people.

Non-S’wakian principal bars Christian symbols in school

Headmaster of SMK Serian in Sarawak has ordered students to remove crosses, crucifixes even when tucked under uniform, says local Opposition leader.

Social activist: Chinese, Indians deserve better

Photographer Eddie Putera says the Chinese and Indians should leave the country for their own good as racial harmony is not as good as it used to be.